Group Amana launches sustainability firm under green vertical

Mustadam aims to boost green building moves


Somshankar Bandyopadhyay

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Photo for illustrative purposes only. — File photo
Photo for illustrative purposes only. — File photo

Published: Thu 16 Nov 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 16 Nov 2023, 4:23 PM

Group Amana, a leading regional design-build company specializing in industrial construction for over three decades, has launched Mustadam under its sustainability vertical.

“Aligning Mustadam under Amana’s sustainability-focused Enhance vertical represents an evolution in the company’s focus, extending beyond green building construction to encompass more comprehensive environmental and sustainability solutions to clients,” Riad Bsaibes, President and CEO of Group Amana, told Khaleej Times in an interview. .

With a track record of delivering over 1,500 industrial projects and serving more than 130 repeat clients, Amana has established itself as a trusted name in providing turn-key solutions for fast-track projects.

Group Amana operates through three key verticals: Construct, Manufacture, and Enhance. The Construct vertical encompasses Amana Contracting and Amana Aviation Fueling, offering intelligent solutions to industrial, commercial, and institutional markets. The Manufacture vertical, through its subsidiaries DuBox and DuPod, is revolutionising the industry with next generation offsite modular building solutions. The Enhance vertical, comprising of Amana Solar, Amana Energy-Saving, and Amana’s sustainability consultancy arm Mustadam, is driving the region’s sustainability agenda through cleaner energy saving solutions and services.

Mustadam is one of the leading sustainability and environmental management consultancy firms, based in UAE, and has been actively engaged with the several endeavours and initiatives, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique requirements and challenges for each client. With more than 10 years of experience, Mustadam offers a wide range of services including Green Building certifications, energy management & building commissioning, environmental management consultancy, climate change and corporate sustainability, design optimization and building energy simulation modelling as well as waste management consultancy, all for the ultimate objective of maintaining our planet and people.

Excerpts from the interview:

Group Amana has been in the UAE for over 30 years now, what does this announcement mean for the company and its offering?

Mustadam’s holistic approach concentrates on reducing the environmental footprint of the built environment by identifying energy-saving, cost-effective opportunities and implementing smart solutions early in the development process. This approach enhances efficiency throughout the project’s lifecycle, guaranteeing reliability and on-time delivery. We are seeing a growing demand for sustainability-driven design-build capabilities, and Mustadam is, and can continue to be a key player in fulfilling this need and strengthening the company’s ESG capabilities.

Furthermore, Mustadam’s range of sustainability solutions and environmental management services, including Green Buildings consultancy, environmental consultancy, energy management, waste consultancy, and Net Zero strategies, cements Amana’s position as a leading multidisciplinary company proficient in addressing a diverse array of construction and sustainability needs.

Riad Bsaibes, President and CEO of Group Amana
Riad Bsaibes, President and CEO of Group Amana

How is the market in the region looking at sustainability and how do you see it shaping the industry in the coming years?

The current focus on sustainability in the GCC region is timely, considering the rapid urbanization and significant growth in construction activities. With 85% of the GCC population residing in cities, a figure projected to rise to 90% by 2050 , and a notable surge in project awards in the GCC—up 86% to $49.7 billion in Q2 2023 from USD 26.7 billion in Q2 2022—the region is witnessing substantial development.

This growth brings into sharp focus the construction industry’s role, which is responsible for over 33% of the world’s carbon pollution and 40% of global energy consumption . This calls for the urgent need for specialized engineering consultancy services, where Mustadam has positioned itself as a key player in delivering holistic sustainability solutions embedding climate change as an imperative core objective.

Mustadam’s strategy emphasizes the early integration of sustainable solutions in construction projects, effectively optimizing both capital and operational expenditures for clients. By leveraging advanced technologies and automated software, the company delivers comprehensive services that significantly enhance energy performance and sustainability in building projects.

As the GCC region continues to experience rapid urbanization and development, the demand for sustainable construction is expected to rise. In this evolving landscape, Mustadam is poised to play an increasingly influential role, driving the industry towards integrating sustainable practices at the heart of construction projects.

What role is digital transformation playing in green construction and how are you leveraging that?

The construction sector, especially companies focused on sustainability, is increasingly realizing that achieving ambitious environmental goals requires a systemic approach that integrates technology and data from the outset. This integration extends beyond just implementing “green” solutions; it’s about embedding technology at the core of construction processes.

This shift is particularly crucial in the context of the significant environmental impact of buildings. As estimated by the World Green Building Council in 2019, buildings account for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions, with operational emissions contributing to 28% of this figure . In this scenario, the role of digital technology becomes even more critical.

Mustadam’s commitment to innovation is evident in its investment in advanced digital technologies such as Revit 3D models and energy modeling, that enable accurate simulations and analyses of building designs, optimizing energy performance and sustainability. This approach allows Mustadam to efficiently gather and analyze data, leading to enhanced resource usage and operational efficiency. Through these technological advancements, Mustadam can deliver construction solutions that are not only effective and efficient but also significantly reduce the environmental impact of buildings, aligning with greener construction practices.

How is Mustadam helping organizations in the region and the wider industry? What impact has the company had in the region so far?

Mustadam comes with a decade of expertise in sustainability-focused consultancy.

It currently holds a portfolio of over 250 successful projects, serving more than 100 clients, and managing approximately 8.0 million square meters in new developments – a substantial influence and reach in the regional market.

The company integrates sustainability and cost-effectiveness right from project conception through ongoing operation. By delivering eco-friendly structures and fostering social inclusivity and human-centric spaces, Mustadam aligns with the goal of transitioning the built environment sector towards Net Zero targets. This approach is particularly vital in addressing the demands of rapidly growing regional developments that align with national sustainability agendas.

Looking at tangible impact, Mustadam’s approach has resulted in savings of over 320 million kWh, which is equivalent to about AED 70.4 million, and a reduction of 121,600 tonnes in emissions over the past 10 years compared to conventional design and construction methodologies.

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