Dubai: Budget ahead for your utility bills with this DEWA tariff calculator

The tool gives you an estimated cost based on your usage


Poojaraj Maniyeri

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File Photo. Image used for illustrative purposes
File Photo. Image used for illustrative purposes

Published: Mon 24 Jun 2024, 6:09 PM

Last updated: Tue 2 Jul 2024, 4:38 PM

Are you unsure of how much money to keep aside for utilities every month? Worried about not being able to predict the bills? The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's (Dewa) tariff calculator enables you to estimate your electricity and water cost, depending on your consumption and tariff type.

You can access this service through the official website, or smart application. Here is a guide on how to access the calculator, what the consumption measurements mean, and how to verify your consumption levels with Dewa.

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Steps to calculate:

  1. Visit the Dewa website or smart app
  2. Click on the menu, with the three stacked lines symbol
  3. Navigate to 'Billing' under the consumer section.
  4. Scroll and click on 'Tariff calculator'. On the app, you can find this when you view all services under 'Billing'
  5. Select the tariff type - commercial, industrial or residential
  6. Enter the amount of kilowatt hours in the 'electricity' field
  7. Enter the amount of imperial gallons you use in the 'water' field

How do I calculate my usage?

Your consumption of water should be measured in imperial gallons (IG), and electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh).

An imperial gallon is equal to approximately 4.5 litres (l), and you can calculate an estimate of your consumption by adding up an approximate of the quantity used in your daily activities that require water such as bathing, drinking, cooking, washing etc

A kilowatt hour is the energy used by 1 kilowatt (1000 watts) running for an hour. So if you have a 500-watt appliance running for 2 hours, that would be equal to 1 kWh.

You can calculate the kWh by knowing the wattage of your appliances, and the approximate time they run for.

What if I feel my electricity bills are higher than my consumption?

If you find an unexpected increase in your bills, Dewa has a service to verify your consumption levels. The customer can access this tool to verify if their meters are functioning properly, and giving an accurate reading or not.

  1. Visit the Dewa website or smart app. You can also call the Dewa customer centre
  2. Go to the main menu
  3. Navigate to 'Consumption Management', and select 'Request for consumption verification - electricity/water'
  4. Start the service, and login with your Dewa ID, or UAE Pass. Create a new account if you are not already registered.
  5. You can choose to verify the consumption by yourself, calling a Dewa agent, or scheduling an onsite visit by the Dewa team
  6. The request can then be tracked through the SMS or email received

When verifying by oneself, or scheduling a call with the Dewa agent, the service is free. If you wish to schedule an onsite visit, a service fee of Dh30 or Dh75 will be charged, depending on the meter type, if the meter is not faulty.

If accuracy of the water meter has to be verified, it may be tested in a DEWA lab and a new meter will be installed for service continuity, according to the official website.


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