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Now, more Emiratis serving in UAE companies

Now, more Emiratis serving in UAE companies

Dubai - 5-part series: Emiratisation is the priority of the new season for the UAE.


Sandhya D'Mello

Published: Wed 11 Sep 2019, 6:29 AM

Last updated: Wed 11 Sep 2019, 11:45 AM

The sight of young Emiratis serving customers at malls or in a supermarket surely busts the stereotype that UAE citizens don't do jobs on the ground - they do, and they do it well.

An Emirati officer was once spotted at a waterfront market at 1am, helping streamline customer queues. And in another instance at a popular mall, an Emirati sales lady of a high-end brand shop was seen assisting customers with a smile at 11pm.

With more companies in the private sector hiring UAE nationals, a number of Emiratis can be seen interacting with customers.

One of them is 24-year-old Hamad Mohamed Al Hammadi, who works as part of the customer service at LuLu Hypermarket in Khaldiya Mall.

"I extend my thanks and gratitude to all officials and the wise leadership for providing job opportunities to young Emiratis like me," said Al Hammadi.

He has a bachelor's degree in information technology but LuLu has helping him hone his skills so he can do his job well.

"I hope to get more experience by working with Lulu, which has assisted me in learning the right skill sets," he said.

The Indian multinational conglomerate, LuLu Group, has been one of several firms that have been actively hiring Emiratis.

"Emiratisation has always been part of our policy on building the group's business. We are currently recruiting and training Emirati staff as per their education background," said Nandakumar V, chief communications officer of LuLu Group International.

Based on the company's experience, Emirati employees have displayed "exceptional commitment" to their jobs, he said.

"They have excelled in different locations. The older Emirati staff are now training the younger Emiratis, helping streamline the work process," Nandakumar V added.
Taking up jobs in other sectors
Many Emiratis have also made their presence felt in key sectors like healthcare and banking.

Dr Shamsa Abdulla Bin Hammad, chief operating officer of Medcare Women and Children Hospital, and consultant family physician, said: "As Emiratis, we have to be part of the private sector for the growth of UAE. This opens doors to so many opportunities for Emiratis both in the public and private sector."

With this national agenda, citizens no longer have to look for jobs abroad as plenty of opportunities have opened up in the country, Dr Shamsa said.

"It also inspires the younger generation to look for more educational opportunities overseas, and when they come back, the government will be here to support them."

The UAE's banking sector, on the other hand, has also made it mandatory to hire Emiratis. And this has encouraged citizens take a leap and apply for jobs at local or foreign banks.

Abdallah Gholoom Ali Mohamad, senior relationship manager at Noor Bank, said: "Emiratisation brings a hope of bigger and brighter future for the UAE nationals who have been aspiring to excel in all the key sectors."


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