Dubai launches platform that facilitates investment opportunities for private sector

The platform will enable private sector investors to submit proposals for joint projects with Dubai Municipality

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Published: Tue 11 Apr 2023, 7:59 PM

Dubai Municipality has launched an innovative platform that showcases and facilitates collaborative investment opportunities for the private sector valued at approximately Dh576.3 million.

The platform will enable private sector investors to submit proposals for joint projects with Dubai Municipality or apply to take advantage of existing collaborative investment opportunities offered by the organisation. The new platform provides a streamlined and transparent channel for the evaluation and approval of ideas and proposals, which saves time and hassle for investors.

The new platform is part of the municipality's continuous efforts to enhance its procedures and provide a unified window for scoping and establishing partnerships with the private sector. The initiative contributes to the efficient management of the municipality's financial resources and assets and promotes sustainable development in the emirate.

Najib Mohammed Saleh, director of Commercial Affairs and Investment Department at Dubai Municipality, said: “Dubai Municipality’s new online platform raises the visibility of investment opportunities offered to the private sector and efficiently manages all aspects of the investment process, including proposal submission, evaluation of opportunities, approvals and signing of contracts. The platform is consistent with the municipality's belief that the private sector is a valuable partner in ensuring the best possible utilisation of its diverse assets. The initiative supports our broader strategy to contribute to realising the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 to consolidate the emirate’s status as one of the world’s top three cities and raise its global competitiveness over the next decade.


“The platform provides investors the tools needed to evaluate investment opportunities proposed by the municipality and apply for them as well as suggest new investments. The platform also facilitates the speedy renewal of contracts,” he added.

Streamlined process

The platform features an electronic system that enables both domestic and foreign investors to monitor the implementation and documentation of the investment process. The online platform significantly reduces the steps and time involved in application, evaluation and approval procedures. The easy-to-access platform seeks to provide opportunities for private sector investors, especially young entrepreneurs, to develop their projects and ideas and take advantage of the attractive investment avenues offered by the municipality.

Simplified procedures

The platform will help the various organisational units and committees related to the investment process simplify governance procedures. It will also generate reports on investment opportunities and revenues, and provide accurate and up-to-date data that can support decision-makers.

The platform will help the municipality raise its efficiency, efficiently utilise resources and maximise yields and revenues.

Investors both in the UAE and overseas can take advantage of opportunities displayed on the platform. The new platform can be accessed on Dubai municipality's website.

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