DCCI seeks trade cooperation with Lanka

DUBAI — Atiq Juma Nasib the Director of Business Development Department in DCCI discussed ways of developing and enhancing the cooperation with Sri Lankan delegation from the Ministry of Enterprise development and investment promotion in attendance of P.D Fernando the Consul General of Sri Lanka to Dubai and Northern Emirates and members of the fruits and vegetables business group that operates under DCCI umbrella.

The members of the business group showcased the opportunities in Dubai in the fruits and vegetables sector to the Delegation. Fernando highlighted the aim of the delegation and how Sri Lanka would like to develop the relations with the UAE further.

A. Redha Mansouri the secretary of Fruits and vegetables business group said: "Establishing business groups are a great idea to find solution for the group's problems and issues. Beside it is an opportunity to represent the group during the missions and delegations visits to Dubai." He said meeting delegations from the same business sector will make great results.

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