Cloud technologies push boundaries for industries, says Huawei official

Huawei Cloud is redefining user experiences of online content delivery


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Wu Bin, director of Huawei Cloud Marketing. — Supplied photo
Wu Bin, director of Huawei Cloud Marketing. — Supplied photo

Published: Wed 15 Nov 2023, 9:41 PM

In today’s media and entertainment industry, user experience is the linchpin to capture and retain audiences.

Huawei Cloud, with its all-inclusive OTT media solution, is redefining user experiences of online content delivery. This comprehensive solution encompasses live streaming, video on demand (VOD), transcoding, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services.

At the Global Media Congress being held in Abu Dhabi, Wu Bin, director of Huawei Cloud Marketing, made the keynote address on Wednesday. The event, hosted in Abu Dhabi, UAE, brings together media and entertainment industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations shaping the industry’s future.

Wu Bin’s keynote address, titled “From Media Service to Media Infrastructure, Unleashing Potential for Industries,” shed light on Huawei Cloud’s transformative approach to media and entertainment. His presentation focused on the following key areas:

Huawei Cloud is ushering in a new era of content production efficiency in the media and entertainment industry, introducing groundbreaking solutions that promise to streamline workflows and enhance creative collaboration.

Huawei Cloud Workspace represents a leap forward in content creation by enabling seamless and collaborative design. This transformative technology empowers users to efficiently produce content in a cloud-based environment, transcending the limitations of solo digital content creation. The key advantage lies in its capability to support multiple devices for collaborative design, including PC, laptops, tablets, and more. With 4K resolution, 60 frames per second display quality and low latency of just 30 milliseconds, it provides near-instant response to keyboard and mouse operations. Creative collaboration has never been smoother, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Huawei Cloud’s AI offline rendering technology is designed to cater to various applications, including film and television production, animation, and variety show creation. By combining artificial intelligence and computer graphics rendering algorithms, this technology achieves a fourfold increase in video rendering speed. To illustrate the impact, consider a 90-minute 3D film, which traditionally required six-month for rendering, now it only takes 1 week.

One of Huawei Cloud’s standout features is its high-definition, low-bitrate media processing service. This innovative solution compresses original video bitrates by an impressive 30-40 per cent. By doing so, it dramatically reduces the cost associated with video storage and distribution. This not only benefits media companies but also provides viewers with more efficient streaming, ensuring faster loading times and seamless playback.

Huawei Cloud’s Ultra-Low Latency Live (LLL) service is a game-changer for live streaming. Traditional live broadcasts often come with a delay of 7 seconds or more, resulting in a disconnect between broadcasters and their audience. However, Huawei Cloud’s LLL service cuts this delay to a remarkable 800ms or less. This advancement enhances the real-time interaction for live e-commerce, sports events, and a variety of other live scenarios.

With 2800+ global CDN nodes and 180+ bandwidth reserve, Huawei Cloud OTT solution are able to keep tens of millions audiences engaged, while providing a more immersive and interactive experience.

Huawei Cloud is leading the charge in reshaping the media and entertainment landscape, introducing innovative business models that promise to transform the industry.

In the age of AI, enterprises are seeking to enhance their content creation capabilities, and Huawei Cloud has answered the call with its groundbreaking Panggu digital human model. This model is empowered by a massive foundational AI framework and offers two essential services: model generation and model-driven content creation. It has undergone extensive pre-training with over 200,000 hours of audiovisual data.

Traditional digital human production typically requires a multi-million-dollar investment and several months of development. However, with Huawei Cloud’s MetaStudio and Panggu digital human model, content creators can generate and animate digital human models rapidly. By simply uploading a 5 minutes real human video, they can obtain a highly customizable virtual human model. Once generated, these digital humans can be brought to life through “Virtual Human Video Production” services, driven by text, voice, or video inputs.

The applications for these low-cost, high-quality Huawei Cloud virtual humans are diverse and have already found their way into online education, news broadcasting, e-commerce live streaming, and corporate endorsements. This innovation empowers industries across the spectrum, ushering in a new era of “virtual human freedom.”

For instance, in the traditional news industry, digital humans facilitate the effortless transition of news from text to video, enriching the news reporting format. From single-text reports to images and video formats, digital humans enhance the audience’s news consumption experience. Furthermore, Huawei Cloud’s digital humans support multi-language conversion, enabling broadcasters to seamlessly switch between languages to meet the demands of different regions and audiences.

Huawei Cloud is enabling businesses to transition from 2D webpage to 3D digital spaces, marking a significant leap in enterprise website design. These 3D enterprise applications, including exhibition halls, summit venues, and retail metaverse environments, offer a range of functionalities.

One of the standout features is the ability to host a massive number of users with a peak capacity of up to 100,000 spaces and 10,000 users in each space. This level of scalability ensures a seamless experience, with 100 million concurrent messages and less than 50 ms latency, even during peak usage.

These cutting-edge 3D spaces are poised to revolutionise the way businesses engage with their audiences, providing immersive and interactive environments for various applications.

Huawei Cloud’s innovative solutions in digital human creation and 3D spaces are redefining the way the media and entertainment industry operates. By introducing cost-effective, efficient, and highly customizable models, Huawei Cloud is setting a new benchmark for creativity and user engagement.

In the media and entertainment industry, Huawei Corporation, rooted in the communications sector, has cultivated expertise for over 30 years, holding over 1,000 audio-visual algorithm patents. With extensive capabilities in video coding, network transmission, and distribution, Huawei has a strong foundation in technology.

With a wealth of experience in vertical industries, combined with technological expertise, Huawei Cloud will continue to collaborate with partners and customers, bridging industrial divides and using powerful audio-visual technology innovations to Unlock New Growth for media and entertainment industry creations.

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