Car owners bank on portals to make informed decisions, says Carnity

Car owners bank on portals to make informed decisions, says Carnity
Gaurav Khanna, founder and marketing manager of

Dubai - Carnity's recent research is based on 1,000 users from UAE.


Sandhya D'Mello

Published: Tue 10 Sep 2019, 10:35 PM

Last updated: Wed 11 Sep 2019, 12:45 AM

Majority of  the UAE car owners look for car portals for buying or selling cars, discussing their car problems or finding competent mechanic or spare parts.
Even with the extensive use of social media today, car owners are on lookout for specialised car portals for their specific car needs. 
Dubai-based auto startup Carnity has disrupted the auto market by exploring every detail of what goes into  customer engagement as far as car buying or selling is concerned. The startup began its commercial operations in 2018  with two seed rounds.
Gaurav Khanna, founder and marketing manager of, said: "We have had a chance to study the whole spectrum of car audience in UAE. With 17,000 plus car owners and expert in one place Carnity has built a dependable car knowledge base since 2010 to answer from most difficult to the simplest of car curiosity customers may have."
Carnity's recent research of 1,000 users from UAE, reveals that almost 36 per cent joined the portal for car problems and solutions; 22 per cent joined for car buying discussions with car experts; 18 per cent for searching for competent car businesses; 14 per cent for learn / drive in off-road club and  10 per cent  for sale of used cars. 
How to use Carnity for free? Carnity is free for contributors, who love helping others with their car knowledge, expertise and skills. After the first minimum payment to join, every member receives points as per their contribution. If they contribute couple of times in a month, they will have enough points to renew their next month subscription for free. -

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