Altajir Glass in Dh550m expansion

DUBAI Altajir Glass, the region's leading manufacturer of glass bottles, will invest Dh550 million in a major expansion of its state-of-the-art plant at Jebel Ali Industrial Zone. The two-phase project would be internally financed and will take the total investment of the plant to Dh1 billion. Mohsin Altajir, director of Altajir Group, said with the installation of the third production line in the first phase costing Dh100 million, the plant's capacity will increase to 2.18 million bottles per day and overall glass melting capacity to 540 metric tones per day.

By Jamila Qadir

Published: Tue 18 Feb 2003, 3:28 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 8:24 PM

He said the commissioning of the third production line in July would also enhance the plant's capability to produce bottle sizes from 200ml to two-litre capacity. In the second phase of the expansion plan, the company will invest Dh450 million to double the capacity of the plant and which will become the region's largest glass bottle manufacturer. The number of production lines will increase up to 10. Altajir Glass, which started its production back in 1997, is the second largest containerised cargo shipper out of Dubai after Dubal.

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