Al Shaibani ties up with Turkish ceramic maker

DUBAI - Al Shaibani, the specialty material supplier in the UAE, has signed an agreement with Kaleseramik, the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the world, which operates under the Kale Group, designating Al Shaibani as the exclusive agent and distributor of the entire Kaleseramik product range in the UAE.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Fri 2 Jan 2004, 12:30 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 11:59 PM

Kaleseramik, a Turkey-based company, produces 27 million square metres of wall tiles, 30 million square metres of floor tiles and 5 million square metres of porcelain tiles each year, as well as pool tiles, decorations and accessories.

Al Shaibani, which has been actively trading in the UAE market for over two years, is a supplier of ceramic tiles, kitchen equipment and other building products for both residential and commercial properties in the UAE. Currently, Al Shaibani supplies many items to clients across the region at competitive prices and of high quality. The company is based in Dubai and hopes to expand its business next year.

Al Shaibani is expecting the Kaleseramik products to be highly popular in the UAE and predict high sales due to the demand for building and home materials from the surge in construction work across the UAE. "The current demand for building and home materials makes it the ideal time to enter the market. We predict that the boom will continue for at least the next four to five years," said Abdulla Al Shaibani, Owner and CEO of Al Shaibani Specialty Materials.

"The quality assurance of Kaleseramik tiles sets the products apart from other competitors and we are confident that the product range will be successful in the UAE. We ultimately aim to open a state of the art showroom in Salah Al Din road in 2004."

Kale eksport, the export company of the Kale Group, ships 22 million square metres of ceramic tiles worldwide each year and has been in business for 50 years with high profile clients in the USA, Europe and Japan. It exports to more than 40 countries all over the world and is continually expanding its customer base.

Kaleseramik uses the most advanced and modern technology in the world. Its capacity is equal to 33 per cent of Turkish ceramics production, and the company single-handedly covers 40 per cent of the country's ceramics exports.

Bahadir Kayan, General Manager, Kale Group Export, said: "We are looking forward to expanding our services to the UAE. Al Shaibani's knowledge of the local market and experience in our industry assures us that we have an ideal partnership. The competition in the ceramic industry is fierce in the UAE as development across the region has demanded quality and cost-effective material, but we are confident that Kaleseramik will be in high demand."

"We regularly produce more than 3,500 types of ceramic wall and floor tiles each year. We constantly work on updating existing lines and creating new, innovative lines for our customers. We manufacture approximately 400 new products on a yearly basis," added Kayan.

Kaleseramik products will be exhibited by Al Shaibani at fairs across the region. The products have previously been exhibited at fairs worldwide including CERSAI, ISH, BAU, MosBuild, Ceramitec and recently, at the Big 5 show.

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