AD Gaming partners with AA Meta to develop Abu Dhabi’s Web3 blockchain gaming ecosystem

Global gaming industry capitalising on the advanced capabilities of a Web3-based environment


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AD Gaming and AA Meta officials at the partnership announcement. - Supplied photo
AD Gaming and AA Meta officials at the partnership announcement. - Supplied photo

Published: Fri 20 Jan 2023, 3:14 PM

Last updated: Fri 20 Jan 2023, 6:17 PM

AD Gaming, the entity driving Abu Dhabi’s gaming industry, has signed a partnership agreement with AA Meta, a local Metaverse and Web3 development company, who will deliver cutting-edge Web3 solutions to the emirate’s game development eco-system.

AA Meta provides metaverse infrastructure and Web3 technology solutions that enable next-generation gaming. Alongside using this technology for its own projects, AA Meta provides its offering to other gaming businesses as well. Metaverses and blockchain gaming allow gamers to interact in new, community-driven worlds, whilst providing businesses with new payment solutions to power new in-game economic models and innovative ways to deliver immersive experiences to audiences across the world.

Based in Abu Dhabi’s purpose-built creative industries campus, Yas Creative Hub, AA Meta is part of a booming community of businesses that span all forms of interactive media and entertainment, including gaming. By partnering with AD Gaming to offer Web3 solutions to Abu Dhabi’s gaming ecosystem, AA Meta is empowering metaverse users as the global gaming industry capitalises on the advanced capabilities of a Web3-based environment.

In partnership with AD Gaming, AA Meta aims to grow the local metaverse industry, providing job opportunities for UAE residents looking to forge careers in this expanding sector. The global metaverse industry, of which the MENA region is a leading investor, is expected to generate revenues of $966 billion (Dh3.55 trillion) worldwide by 2030.

“By providing expert solutions for gaming businesses looking to leverage Web3 technologies, AA Meta is able to fully support the development of a blockchain gaming community in Abu Dhabi. This new avenue of interactive media presents an exciting career path for aspiring gaming industry talent, and for gamers across the world, it offers a new way to play-to-earn in the metaverse,” said Hussain Al Omaeirah, AA Meta Co-founder, Chairman & Managing Director.

James Hartt, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development at AD Gaming, added: “Abu Dhabi offers a comprehensive ecosystem for the gaming industry, with AA Meta adding yet another string to our bow. The increased immersion and focus on community-building provided by Web3 technologies makes this an incredibly exciting area for gamers and game developers alike, so we’re proud to be pioneering it in Abu Dhabi.”

AA Meta’s platform recently saw the launch of the highly anticipated MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Thunder Lands. Available on both on PC and Android, Thunder Lands allows gamers to be rewarded for the time they spend playing the game by earning cryptocurrencies through in-game activities.

Following the success of Thunder Lands, AA Meta plans to us its expertise in the areas of Game Fi technology and decentralised apps (DApps) to grow its active user base to over 50,000 by Q2 2023. It will achieve this by building out its portfolio through the addition of new, immersive games.

During a recent press conference, AA Meta recently announced two other strategic partnerships. The first was with INFTY ART - a community-based marketplace for digital collectibles and gamified loyalty programs for brands, based on the characters Chiko & Roko; and the second was with the CIS based media brand Black Star, which is launching a set of technologies for the tokenization of in-game assets and achievements, combining DeFi technologies and classic gameplay mechanics to build a real economy in Web2 games.

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