10 hacks to keep your car's value

10 hacks to keep your cars value
Follow your car's regular maintenance schedule and keep service history records, whether it's from an agency or from a third party garage.

dubai - You should have an interest in preserving the car's condition

By Raaed Sheibani

Published: Wed 12 Sep 2018, 4:11 PM

When it comes to cars, it's all about condition. But how many of us actually bother to pay regular attention to our used cars? Not only does that lower your resale value, but it's likely to accelerate wear and tear and lead to other damages. So, whether you're looking to sell your car or keep driving it yourself, you should have an interest in preserving the car's condition. These hacks are a step to get you in the right direction. Check them out.

Off to a good start
The next time you are hunting for used cars in the UAE, take the time to pick a car that is good at retaining value. As a rule of thumb, try to opt for Japanese makes which win the affordable, reliable and value retention games. Certain cars are known for their luxury, others for reliability and lower cost of maintenance, so make sure you do your research before investing in a car.

Keep it covered
The blistering UAE sun can wreak havoc on your car's paint condition, so try your best to always park in covered parking or at least some shade. There will of course be times when that's not an option, so opt for a car cover so you can always keep your car protected. While you are at it, be careful to clean off bird droppings/plant saps before the acidity hits the paint.

Keep history of service records
Follow your car's regular maintenance schedule and keep service history records, whether it's from an agency or from a third party garage. Potential buyers will be happy to learn that you took the time to care for your car, potentially justifying a higher resale value in some cases. It can also help them determine when it's time to service the vehicle again.

Maintain records of accidents
Keeping records of the car's accidents using pictures and maintenance history is always a good idea. It's one way of showing concerned buyers that the damage was minor, and taken care of properly. Not to mention, it will make a good impression on the potential buyer showing them that you take great care in maintaining the car.

Appearances matter
Exposure to the elements can be detrimental to your car's exterior condition. Take care of it by washing and waxing the car regularly. Get everything cleaned by professionals every now and then.

Cleanliness is key
Let's not forget about the interior, people! Vacuum the mats and clean out the seats regularly. A clean, fresh-smelling interior can help you seal the deal with prospective buyers. Avoid using too much air freshener or perfume to mask an odour. Preserve the condition of your upholstery by taking out any stains as soon as possible and cleaning the seat covers whenever needed. Also, before showing your car to potential buyers get a deep clean.

Retain that sparkle
Regularly polish and wax your car's exterior to preserve its lustre. Also, routinely get rid of the dirt and grime covering the rims, tires, windows, exterior mirrors, head and brake lights. Always use products that are made expressly for the care of your car exterior.

Brush those lights
With a little bit of toothpaste and a lot of elbow grease, your car's headlights can become as shiny as new. It's a much cheaper hack than the kits they sell at stores, plus it will make the lights more clear and less dim. Just try it!

Get rid of adhesives
Selling your car and want to remove that Salik sticker without leaving behind any adhesive? Simply use a newspaper page drenched in warm water and press it against the sticker for about 10 minutes to release the glue.

Pressure wash the engine
Remove all that gunk that's been accumulating in the engine with a pressure wash. Remember to disconnect and cover all electrical devices first, like the battery, wires and distributor. Reconnect them once everything is dry.

Keeping your car clean and in shape will not only ensure it lasts longer but will also make it more pleasant to drive. Best of all, it will drive up the resale value of your car or slow down its depreciation.

The writer is a growth hacker at CarSwitch.com . Views expressed are his own and do not reflect the newspaper's policy.

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