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ComBin - a breakthrough move to make the UAE a soil sufficient and green city

Published: Mon 22 Mar 2021, 8:39 PM

Big Farm Brothers, a startup in the UAE, introduces ComBin, an organic recycling and natural composting solution for households in the UAE. As natural waste management is on the rise, ComBin is working in line with the vision of the UAE government to effectively manage human waste and offer a comprehensive recycling and natural composting alternative to make Dubai a soil sufficient and green city.  ComBin is a revolutionary solution for natural household composting.

With a vision to support the local economy and empower household gardening, landscaping and vegetable produce with improved quality of locally produced foods, the homegrown company is urging residents of the UAE to adopt organic ways of living. On making readily available high quality and authentic soil for the UAE, Vishal Mahajan, Co-Founder said, "Organic and natural composting is one of the effective ways to grow vegetables that are rich in taste and nutrients. With a lot of focus on immunity building and clean eating, ComBin enables a more natural way of consuming nutrient-rich produce. Managing a considerable amount of natural kitchen waste, households in the UAE can take progressive steps to ensure a more organic and natural harvest in their balconies, lawns and backyards."

Composting is a powerful process that has the potential to convert all the greenhouse emissions into nutrient-rich soil which nourishes life in itself. Urging every household in the UAE to embrace their social responsibility and starting small, the team at Big Farm Brothers is continuously striving to educate the residents in the UAE to keep their organic waste out of the landfills. This process will enable saving greenhouse emissions equivalent to driving around the planet Earth almost 4,629 times. 

"Through this initiative, Big Farm Brothers aims to build community awareness on keeping food waste out of the landfill, supporting green

jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and restoring compost soil," Mahajan added.

Shunning the conventional methods of current farming trends, Big Farm Brothers is founded with a vision to completely practice fair trade and adapt to a more natural way of living in a sandy desert like the UAE. All products available at the newly launched start-up are sourced from trusted farmers who have practised organic farming for over a decade now. ComBin is made from a used oil drum which customers can place anywhere in the backyard, garden, parking space or even in their front lawn. This will be followed by regular visits from the team to share the organic ingredients by adding advanced culture to enhance the composting mechanism, organic soil minerals, nutrition-rich content, dry waste including dry fallen leaves, discarded wood chips, cardboard etc. It's a robust and completely odourless mechanism. 

Correlating clean eating and good health, the company urges everyone to adopt a healthy dietary strategy.  Big Farm Brothers Organics offers a varied range of over 54 nutrient-rich kitchen products ranging from flour, rice, beans, oils, spices, honey and more. All products are authentic and certified organic as they have gone through several quality control tests.

All packaging is biodegradable in-line with the company motto of reducing carbon footprints. 


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