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Upskill in UAE's knowledge-based economy with Zayed University's graduate programmes offered in business

By Nisthula Nagarajan

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Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021, 9:08 PM

The dynamic and complex, even turbulent business world has never been more exciting, and even more so now in the pandemic. During this once-in-a-generation occurrence, companies are scrambling to adapt in real-time. The need for professionally prepared and highly skilled individuals to create, develop, lead and sustain organisations large and small has never been greater. Executives may find that their qualifications are not on par with the new demands of 2021.

The UAE has much to offer. It is home to one of the world's richest per capita economies where petroleum and natural gas exports, investing and manufacturing rule the market. The opportunities are vast for those ready and eager to become actively and deeply engaged in the world of business. Through a blend of learning methods, business programmes in the UAE prepare students to innovate, motivate, manage and lead in today's rapidly changing global economy. Business education in the country remains popular and has long attracted students as it comes with a variety of opportunities under its umbrella. A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) shows that students in the UAE tend towards two specialisations - business and engineering in Abu Dhabi, and business and education in Dubai - that make up 75 per cent of graduates in public universities.

Choosing the right university for graduate studies is a decision that should be carefully considered. Upholding the name of the Founding Father of the UAE, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan whose leadership legacies continue to guide and inspire the nation, Zayed University is one of the country's leading public universities and has been pioneering academic excellence for 23 years. Zayed University has also grown to be one of the most established and respected providers of senior management education. It is committed to quality graduate education that transforms accomplished mid-career professionals into confident and successful leaders. The university is locally and internationally accredited and students can take full advantage of the cutting-edge facilities and resources for research on two state-of-the-art campuses located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Choosing to undertake the world's most highly regarded management qualification is one of the most important decisions one can make given it plays a major role in determining the shape of a person's future. The College of Business, Zayed University, is one of a select few business colleges in the world to be accredited by one of the world's leading accreditation bodies, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) located in the USA. The reputation of the College of Business is built on the international credentials and business expertise of its world-class faculty members who are recognised for their academic accomplishments. 

The College's graduate programmes have an agile future- and research-focused curricula with specialised courses and related electives. The programmes use innovative educational technologies that continuously evolve with the ever-changing needs of a knowledge-based economy. Zayed University helps its students' future-proof their careers, by staying on top of industry trends, broadening their networks, as well as upskilling and reskilling their cohorts. 

Graduate Study Options in Business

The College of Business, Zayed University offers globally recognised graduate programmes in business administration and finance.  These programmes provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment for students. Furthermore, students will be equipped with critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and effective communication skills. The College of Business ensures application-based understanding of real business world issues, providing students with skills that will serve as a solid foundation for their career. Faculty are specialists in their respective fields of study who bring a depth of knowledge and an emphasis on practical application.  Because of all this, graduates are some of the most sought-after by employers in leading organisations across the region.

Dr Fatima Al-Ali, Acting Dean

College of Business, Zayed University

Dr Fatima Al-Ali, Acting Dean, College of Business, Zayed University commented, "Our graduate programmes provide the runway of updated curricula and an experiential learning environment to advance responsible leaders to elevate their careers. Both programmes are delivered by a diverse high calibre faculty who bring real-world experience and specialist knowledge to provide an exceptional classroom experience - helping to nurture the next cohorts of students to take charge of and progress their careers."

Executive Master of Business Administration

Zayed University launched the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in 2001 with 15 enrolled students on the Abu Dhabi campus.  Since then, 313 students have graduated. 

Students in the Executive Master of Business Administration degree acquire a general management perspective on the functions of business and concurrently develop the expertise to adapt to the challenges of technological advances, globalisation and a changing economy.

The EMBA programme prepares managers for senior leadership roles in their organisations by steering them to become 'hybrid' leaders. It understands that for technologists and engineers to be equipped for senior leadership roles, they need to hone their soft skills and develop their business and financial knowledge and skills. In a similar vein, 'non-technical' general managers will benefit from further developing their conceptual and business skills whilst learning how to dynamically manage technology in contemporary organisations. As a result, participants will develop leadership skills necessary to effect organisational change, gain a solid understanding of the functional areas of business enterprise, gain experience by working in teams, both as team leaders and team members. Furthermore, they will be able to identify ways organisations can use technology for strategic purposes, learn how to manage projects, develop an understanding of the evolving structure of the global economy and how nations, industries and firms compete, develop skills to analyse key global economic and business development, understand the global financial and monetary framework and then analyse and solve problems arising in the international financial operations of the firm, learn how to plan and implement entrepreneurial ideas, and identify the processes by which strategic leaders transform organisations in order to make them sustainable.

Successful completion of this programme is expected to improve employment and growth prospects in a vast number of industries, enhance current job performance, expedite a promotion towards a senior management role, and improve graduates' readiness to meet new opportunities in a global business environment. 

Master of Science in Finance 

Zayed University launched the Master of Science in Finance in 2011 with 19 enrolled students on the Abu Dhabi campus.  Since then, 145 students have graduated. 

The Master of Science in Finance degree equips students with in-depth knowledge of the functions of finance. Students learn how to use the functions of finance to create and maximise value in commercial companies and societies.  They are equipped with current knowledge and techniques that are required for undertaking the functions of finance with effectiveness, efficiency, and professional standards.  They also develop and promote strategic financial management skills and capabilities for professional success.

Students will be able to apply advanced skills including modern portfolio theory, for capital allocation decisions, evaluate financial performances of corporations and investment portfolios, understand international financial markets and the use, pricing, carry out valuation and structuring of financial products, and identify and resolve complex business problems through the application of specialised financial knowledge.

The programme prepares graduates for successful management positions in banking, investment and asset management or a finance function in public and private sector organisations. The degree is valuable to those individuals who are seeking certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Risk Manager (CFRM) and Certified Financial Manager (CFM). 

Graduate Programme Structure

The 36 credit-hour programmes are offered in English on Zayed University's campuses located in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. On average, the degrees are completed in three semesters.

The curriculum of both programmes includes core courses and course electives that relate to today's global business concerns. A research component is also included that is designed to develop students into self-motivated and lifelong learners strongly equipped to maintain currency with a fast-evolving field.

Both programmes instruct students how to design, plan, conduct, report and defend applied research with real-world application; classify ethical dilemmas in the workplace, construct interventions, critique alternative modes of action, and justify recommendations. Students will also be able to prepare and deliver professional-level internal and external presentations, and lead at the individual, dyad, group, and organisational levels. 

Achieve Your Leadership Potential in the World of Business 

The College of Business graduate programmes are designed for participants who want to make a career change, use their degree for career advancement, enhance their skills in their current positions or pursue a doctoral degree. The EMBA programme is designed for mid-career professionals with suitable professional proficiency equivalent to at least three years of mid- to upper-level supervisory experience. 

Admission is open to males and females of all nationalities. Applicants must have earned a four-year baccalaureate degree with a CGPA of 3.0 or higher from an accredited university and demonstrate sufficient English proficiency to manage a challenging, fast-paced graduate programme. Basic knowledge of accounting, finance, economics and statistics before entering the EMBA programme is required. The Master of Science in Finance does not require candidates to have a background in the field of finance. 

Zayed University is committed to helping graduate students to afford their education by providing financial aid including academic merit and alumni scholarships as well as corporate discounts.

The application deadline for Fall 2021 is July 18.

Sign up for world-class education at Zayed University and successfully grasp the leadership role you deserve. Please contact the College of Business, Zayed University at +971-2-599-3605 or

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