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Zac Li, General Manager of HONOR GCC on the launch of HONOR Magic4 Pro and staying on top of the smartphone game

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

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Published: Mon 27 Jun 2022, 10:11 AM

Global technology brand HONOR officially revealed its all-new premium flagship smartphone, the HONOR Magic4 Pro 5G through a premium launch event in Dubai recently. The launch showcased HONOR’s best in class, state-of-the-art technology and smart innovation, taking the brands flagship line-up to a whole new level and continued the strong legacy of this flagship line-up. The all-new HONOR Magic4 Pro 5G boasts cutting-edge technology to deliver new benchmarks in smartphone design, display, photography, videography, charging, and performance, and supported with Google Mobile Services.

Zac Li, General Manager, HONOR GCC, discusses the latest offering from HONOR and the brand’s overall vision.

Who is the HONOR Magic4 Pro aimed at?

The HONOR Magic4 Pro is the best pick for those seeking a premium, intelligent, and intuitive smartphone with extraordinary camera and video capabilities, comprehensive privacy solutions and industry-leading features. It caters to budding content creators, gamers and young entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for a device that supports them to go beyond and explore their true potential.

What are the competitive advantages of the HONOR Magic4 Pro?

Four Industry-first Features: The HONOR Magic4 Pro beats various industry benchmarks, setting itself apart from existing smartphones on the market.

Highest PWM dimming achieved in an LTPO screen: Perfect for those who spend long hours in front of the screen, the HONOR Magic4 Pro delivers a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of 1920Hz, the highest ever achieved in an LTPO screen, minimising eye strain and providing a comfortable viewing experience, even in low light environments.

Multi-camera fusion computational photography: The HONOR Magic4 Pro are equipped with the best-in-class Ultra-Fusion Computational Photography powered by AI, which supports the fusion of multiple lenses across a full focal range, enabling the device to produce high-definition images in stunning clarity and an improved sharpness.

HONOR also takes a leap with advanced photography while video recording. Based on HONOR's Dual Chain Computational Photography and Videography Algorithm, the HONOR Magic4 Pro can capture truly high-quality images while shooting videos, which is not limited by the video recording quality, as is common in other smartphones.

Breakthrough cinematic-level videography: Offering cinematic-level footage, the HONOR Magic4 Pro features the HONOR Magic-Log Movie Master and AI Film Effects, offering a dynamic range and rich colour expression for shooting videos. With this, the HONOR Magic4 Pro delivers the industry’s first 10-bit Log 4K video recording in 60fps (frame per second).

Instant wireless charging: The HONOR Magic4 Pro is powered by an ultra-large 4800mAh battery and HONOR Magic4 Pro with a 4600mAh battery, featuring the most powerful HONOR SuperCharge combination to deliver an ultra-long battery life and all-day connectivity. Boosted by 100W Wireless HONOR SuperCharge, the gear can be charged to 50 per cent in just 15 minutes. With the 100W Wired version, the HONOR Magic4 Pro can be charged to 100 per cent in just 30 minutes.

Pioneering AI directional sound technology for enhanced privacy: Offering a groundbreaking new solution to sound leaks, a common smartphone frustration for many, the HONOR Magic4 Pro debuts an all-new Privacy Calling feature. Supported by pioneering AI Directional Sound Technology, HONOR Magic4 Pro features an intuitive sound-emitting screen, which works together with the receiver to adjust the volume of the incoming audio to suit either noisy or quiet environments, every time a call comes in. Especially in quiet environments, users no longer need to worry about people eavesdropping in on their conversation when taking a phone call in a closed and crowded space like an elevator.

High-quality AI super rendering: HONOR brings the industry’s first AI Super Rendering technology to mobile gaming through GPU Turbo X, delivering an exceptionally high framerate and network connectivity while generating less heat and lowering latency, adequately satisfying player's demand for high gaming quality and buttery smooth graphics.

Global iconic tech brand: HONOR aims to become a global iconic technology brand that creates a new intelligent world for everyone. The brand is upgrading its product portfolio and internal operation processes to offer products specifically designed for high-end users and general users, catering to all budgets and price ranges. Moving forward, the priority for HONOR is to continue its innovation efforts, develop future technologies and further enhance its global operations capabilities.

Increase in partnerships: We have built excellent partnerships in the first half of the year and formed stronger bonds with our partners in the UAE like Jumbo, Sharaf, E-city, E-max, Lulu etc, demonstrating the industry’s confidence in HONOR. HONOR is confident that the brand will continue to gain consumer’s trust and popularity by providing the best products.

How many colours is the HONOR Magic4 Pro available in GCC?

The HONOR Magic4 Pro will be available in an all-new cyan alongside a beautiful black colour.

What is special about the HONOR Imagine Engine?

The HONOR Image Engine is an imaging system, which reconstructs the imaging process through advanced hardware and software (algorithms and AI) to deliver stunning, high-quality images and footage in a unique and consistent style.

How does HONOR Magic4 Pro achieve high quality photo-taking while video recording, does it function by software or hardware?

It’s based on software technology. Basically, after being gathered through lens and sensor, the information goes separately into two different pipelines for video and image processing respectively. In comparison, other competitors come with just one pipeline for video processing and the photo taken is simply captured in the video pipeline.

How has HONOR enhanced privacy and security with the HONOR Magic4 Pro?

Offering a groundbreaking new solution to sound-leaks, a common smartphone frustration for many, the HONOR Magic4 Pro debuts an all-new privacy calling feature, called Just Say To Me. Supported by pioneering AI Directional Sound Technology, HONOR Magic4 Pro features an intuitive sound-emitting screen, which works together with the receiver to adjust the volume of the incoming audio to suit noisy and quiet environments, every time a call comes in. Users no longer need to worry about people eavesdropping in on their conversation when taking a phone call in a closed and crowded space like an elevator or a busy office.

Equipped with a dual-security system (HTEE+QTEE), the HONOR Magic4 Pro also delivers enhanced security requirements for key services all over the world. The device is equipped with an independent security chip, delivering maximum security for passwords and biometrics like fingerprints. The 3D Depth Camera of Magic4 Pro further harnesses 3D biometrics to provide high level security and protection. To alleviate anxiety about being monitored without notifications, the HONOR Magic4 Pro also introduces Anti-Monitoring, allowing icons to display on the home screen to alert the user when third-party applications are using the device’s microphone or camera.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro is also equipped with Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2, which offers the world's highest performing, thinnest and most reliable fingerprint security solution. With a 77 per cent larger fingerprint reader area, 1.7x more biometric data captures and a 40 per cent faster speed compared to the previous generation. The HONOR Magic4 Pro enables single-touch authentication, using sound waves instead of light to recognise and safeguard users.

From the beginning till now what is the growth HONOR has seen in the UAE? What challenges are you facing when it comes to your competitors?

The brand has exceeded its targets in the region and grown by 215 per cent from January 2022 till now. In the UAE, HONOR aims to reach in the top two position with the upcoming Magic series. The HONOR Magic4 Pro is where we put our most innovative technology and transformative user experiences. We always take a great leap forward in every new Magic series product, and the Magic4 Pro is no different. We are confident in the HONOR Magic4 Pro performance in GCC markets, thanks to its compelling features, which beat several industry benchmarks.

Explain the progress in shifting into a commitment to environmental sustainability.

HONOR has always been committed to the principle of reducing the impact on the environment while providing high-quality products and services to hundreds of millions of consumers. Measurable results were conducted in this regard, like the green packaging, which has been used since 2014. HONOR has been using soy ink to print promotional materials. Compared with traditional ink, using soy ink has reduced around 80 tons of CO2 emissions. In 2021, HONOR optimised its product packaging, which reduced about 285 tons of CO2 emissions. Today, we are at 95 per cent use of recyclable and sustainable materials and our goal continues to be 100 per cent natural, waste-free, and environmentally friendly and work on achieving our 2030 goal to become a certified B Corporation.

How are you enhancing the customer service for the consumers in the region?

Attention to service and quality: Since launching in 2013, HONOR ‘s quality management has continued to evolve. Today, HONOR strives to 'Establish a premium brand with quality and experience,' with HONOR adhering to quality, innovation, and service as the key elements of their strategy.

As part of this strategy, the HONOR Magic4 Pro has been designed with HONOR’s superior quality principles in mind, which have been developed to continuously improve the user experience and bring users a 'beyond exceptional' experience.

The HONOR Magic 4 Pro has been rigorously tested across various scenarios, ensuring users can relish in a reliable and trustworthy smartphone and long-term companion to support their daily needs, even after extended use.

Service and repair store: At present, we have established a basic service network, first we have ensured that the basic service is done well, so that consumers know where to repair and to do it fast. The brand recently opened its service repair store, HONOR Service Center in the UAE in collaboration with PEDIGRI Technologies, a leading technology solutions organisation.

HONOR endeavours to establish a premium brand with quality and experience, by focusing on quality, innovation, and service as the key elements of their strategy. The company continues to push the boundaries of customer service, delivering a human-centric experience that surpasses customer expectations and empowers users to elevate their lives through technology.

Value-added services for GCC Consumers: The industry launched its first GCC joint insurance, extended warranty and broken screen insurance, which also provides a dedicated line VIP service and two-way free repair service and so on.

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