‘Super iPaaS’ to manage growing chaos of connectivity

Software AG choses Gitex Global to launch new category to re-position itself as an enterprise integration company

By Muzaffar Rizvi

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Published: Thu 19 Oct 2023, 5:37 PM

Software AG on Thursday launched ‘Super iPaaS’ – a new category of integration platform necessary to meet the changing needs of large and modern businesses.

The German firm said the ‘Super iPaaS’ will help manage the chaos of connectivity caused by rapid digital expansion: a growing and formidable challenge for today’s businesses that current integration tools cannot tackle because they are too focused on only one or two relevant capabilities and cannot handle hybrid multi-cloud environments.

“Every company wants to innovate; but every company feels some kind of pain when they try. We are more reliant on data and insight than ever before and yet even the largest organisations in the world are forced to use old-gen tools to try and unlock the true value in their data. We’re here to change that,” Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG, said.

“We’re here with an enterprise integration proposition that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Integrate anything. Anywhere. Anyhow. Businesses don’t have this freedom to operate as they need to today. But they will now, with the Super iPaaS,” he said.

Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG.
Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG.

Super iPaaS imact

Rami Kichli, senior vice-president, Middle East and Türkiye at Software AG, shared insights on the impact of the Super iPaaS in the region and said integration serves as the cornerstone of digital transformation initiatives in smart, connected cities like Dubai.

“The Super iPaaS category’s capabilities address current enterprise integration challenges. Super iPaaS will facilitate organisations’ long-term objectives of providing innovative and unified services to stakeholders, driving digital transformation and fostering a more connected digital future,” he said.

Dubai an international tech hub

Kichli said the choice of Gitex Global as the global announcement platform underscores the region’s growing significance in the technology landscape.

“The UAE has been at the forefront of technology adoption, and much has been achieved in the last 5-10 years with ‘digital first’ as a norm. However, with this strong foundation, digitisation is entering phase three to equip and adopt future revelations from Artificial Intelligence and Transformative Integration, fundamental tenets for eliminating siloes, resulting in value-based customer experiences,” Kichli told BTR during an interview at GItex Global.

He said Dubai is the chosen launchpad for our groundbreaking Super-iPaaS at Gitex Global. The decision is rooted in Dubai’s status as a global technology hub, offering a forward-looking environment that embraces innovation.

“Gitex Global grants us a world stage to unveil Super iPaaS to a diverse, tech-savvy audience. Dubai’s ambitious long-term plans and city roadmap perfectly align with our vision, making it the ideal location to launch our game-changing solution,” he said.

Traditionally, iPaaS only tackles one mode of integration. Most customers with existing integration paradigms operate in siloes such as applications, consumption models (cloud or on-prem, private cloud or public cloud), or data/ application integration.

Rami Kichli, senior vice-president, Middle East and Türkiye at Software AG.
Rami Kichli, senior vice-president, Middle East and Türkiye at Software AG.

“There is an emerging challenge defined as ‘the chaos of integration’ by Software AG and at the core of what our new revelation will address and solve. ‘Super iPaaS’ is a groundbreaking and new integration approach to tackle current and future tech challenges. It addresses the integration requirement in multiple areas for improving customer, employee, and government citizen experiences through a unified platform with unprecedented capabilities, setting a new standard in integration solutions,” Kichli said.

Why Super-iPaaS launched

The SVP at Software AG said exponential productivity gains, innovation, agility, and efficiency are the cornerstones of Super-iPaaS.

“Software AG offers seamless and multifaceted integration in an ‘all-encompassing integration suite’ that includes App integration, Data integration, B2B integration, API management integration, Event integration, and also potentially Device integration. This is why we defined it as a new category, as it offers readiness to factor in a critical and present-day tech transition of ‘move to the cloud’ combined with a legacy for a multi-cloud hybrid world,” he said.

Another significant feature is the availability of a single and unified experience for managing multiple integration streams with a single visibility/dashboard, control, and governance, elevating integration significantly, he added.

Kichli said the single most driver for fast developing cities and nations is that this capability will propel government services transformation to revolutionary heights. It aims to build innovative, multi-dimensional services that improve stakeholder lives (residents and citizens) through their interactions with the government to reflect smart and connected cities in action.

“The possibilities here could be immense – for instance, in a technologically advanced city of Dubai, when a tourist family arrives in the city, they could be offered multi-dimensional services from the time they land to when they leave such as- transportation support, recommending an itinerary based on experiences that meets the family's profile while booking flights – all digitally.

“With this continuous digital guidance from the government during their stay, it eliminates time wastage, being duped by fraudsters, and offers a happier travel experience. This need of orchestrating multiple and numerous data and applications streams is where Software AG comes in with Super iPaaS to deliver innovation, powered by inter-connectedness of integration and AI,” he said.

Software AG’s product roadmap

Kichli said Software AG’s product roadmap propels us into the future ‘Super-iPaaS’, a new and groundbreaking category that unifies the complex digital landscape.

“Our strategy features swift, incremental releases with updated capabilities and a future-focused expansion to democratize integration. Mena is paramount, aligning with our commitment as an enterprise integration company to assist organisations as they navigate challenges from this dynamic and economically burgeoning landscape.

In reply to a question about the Software AG business this year and outlook for 2024, he said the company has sustained a strong double-digit growth for the 10th year in a row.

“In 2023, Software AG marks an impressive 30 per cent regional growth, reinforcing its extraordinary journey with the 10th consecutive year of double-digit growth. The outlook for 2024 remains highly optimistic, with no indications of slowing down and a noticeable appetite for innovation across Mena region countries,” he said.

About the company’s marketing strategy, he said Software AG will continue to bank on active participation in major tech events worldwide.

“Our 2024 marketing strategy involves honing our messaging, spotlighting achievements, and anchoring regional events, with a noticeable presence at globally staged events like Gitex Global. We’re committed to expanding our reach far and wide,” Kichli concluded.

What is Super iPaaS

A Super iPaaS helps large enterprises maintain good IT governance while giving them ways to become more agile and productive. In order to do this, it must have five key components, the inclusion of which is what makes the Super iPaaS different from all integration tools that came before. The five capabilities are:

> Integrates Applications + Data + APIs + B2B + Event streams.

> True cloud-first enterprise end-to-end hybrid integration: mainframe to cloud.

> Global to meet data sovereignty laws yet managed centrally to assure governance.

> A common user-interface across all aspects of the platform.

> Leverages the power of generative AI to drive agility and productivity.

Software AG fulfils the criteria for the Super iPaaS with its webMethods.io and StreamSets products.

How Super iPaas helps businesses

The Super iPaaS helps organisations find benefits in three key areas:

It enables organisations to be more agile: Organisations become able to adapt as quickly as the technology landscape changes and work the way they want. With a unified platform across data and application integration, they get a seamless flow of data so they can make decisions using their data and put them into action immediately. They can develop integrations anyway and anyhow their teams prefer, and then deploy them in any cloud or region in a click.

It lets organisations be more productive and get more done: With a unified integration platform, teams need to learn less and can collaborate more. They can build applications and experiences and deploy them as APIs in one motion. It lets business technologists automate workflows using generative AI but manage them centrally to avoid shadow integrations.

It gives organisations control to reduce their risk: With centralised control and distributed execution, integrations can run anywhere. With a “single pane of glass” across their integrations, APIs and data pipelines for end-to-end visibility across transactions, organisations have a unified experience for all integrations that delivers complete observability and offers compliance without adding chaos.

— muzaffarrizvi@khaleejtimes.com

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