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Pangaea X is a one-stop marketplace for organisations' data procurement needs. Jadd Elliot Dib, Founder and CEO, speaks about the data analytics scene in the UAE

Published: Mon 22 Mar 2021, 8:40 PM

How it works

Pangaea X is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Jadd Elliot Dib who saw a gap in the market of a one-stop marketplace for all the data procurement needs, which would bring companies and freelancers together in a streamlined way. 

Pangaea X brings the data analytics world together in its own unique way. It is the first-of-its-kind in the industry, connecting the data analytic seeker with the world's best data analysts and scientist freelancers across the world - a one-stop marketplace for all an organisation's data procurement needs. This recent new demand has given birth to a new breed of freelancers, and our operational vision is to seamlessly connect the world, with the world's best talent when it comes to

data analytics.

From collaborating to hiring, to briefing, all the way to paying freelancers, Pangaea X will be there every step of the way, as an extension of an organisation's team. The platform will empower freelancers to reach their maximum potential, build their own remote business with strategic guidance and even elevate their skillset with provided training programmes.

Growing global trends 

This is the age of data empowerment; the use of analytics has increased worldwide with most companies now opting to finally make use of the data that has been collected over the years, allowing them to better understand the market and grow their business. We all use data, we all create it, professionally or individually; in the world today, it's inevitable. Data is the new oil of this age and has been named 'the king', with reason.

Application of data analytics 

The beauty of analytics is that it doesn't just apply to certain industries or businesses but to all. In order to make business decisions today organisations must back their decisions up with numbers and data, 'gut feeling' or 'instinct' is not usable. For example, restaurants can analyse their sales data to make a business decision, whether or not a certain item on a menu is worth keeping, or if a promotional strategy should be implemented during the calm period. Supermarkets can assess, depending on the trend seen through the year, how much inventory to have of a certain item. Malls and airports can conduct footfall analysis on the public, really identifying where certain ads would have the best results or statistically the highest percentage of successfully influencing a customer into buying a product. Authorities can analyse previous years of data to identify neighbourhoods where crimes are more possible. 

The uses for captured data are almost endless, with the options to use what is captured to really advance business in many ways. It can help with everything from creating a more effective marketing strategy, ensuring the end-user is legitimate and allows for much more accurate forecasting, it can even help manage social media presence or make sure employees are working efficiently. Using the past to identify what to do in the future is extremely important in this current market.  

Data is available everywhere, it's only a matter of time before it becomes the key decision factor and for businesses to learn how to utilise it for their betterment.

Data analytics in the Middle East

The industry has been slowly growing over the last few years but has certainly accelerated since Covid-19 hit at the start of 2020. Now becoming the buzz of the region, there are some extremely talented freelance data analysts in the GCC, many people who were also previously working for firms are now freelancing, which is where Pangaea X comes in. We hope that Pangaea X will give freelancers an equal opportunity and really highlight the talent that is out there by connecting companies with the right data scientist as a result of quality and not who employs them.

Future vision

We are extremely excited and proud to have launched in the GCC and look forward to connecting the best freelance data analysts with companies around the world. 

The future is a hard one to predict at the moment but eventually, we would love to have a presence in key countries around the globe and be recognised as a leading platform worldwide for all things data. 


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