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Published: Fri 31 Mar 2023, 9:44 AM

Last updated: Fri 31 Mar 2023, 9:46 AM

Joseph Nassif, Founder at Puppytaste, feels that animals bring value to one’s life and its about time that someone returned the favour

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One of the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets in the UAE, Puppytaste, believes that pets make lives interesting and beautiful for people. Every day with every connection, Puppytaste’s passionate associates help bring pet parents closer to their pets so they, together, can live more fulfilled lives. This vision impacts everything that the brand does for its customers, the way it supports associates and how the company gives back to the communities.

Professional journey

The man responsible for the unique venture, Joseph Nassif, Founder at Puppytaste, talked about his journey and the thought process behind the brand. He said: “After graduating from college, I started my career and worked in many different sectors in the corporate industry. I worked for several different companies where I gained valuable experience. However, over time I had more ambition than to stay an employee and became interested in entrepreneurship. Now, I have a full fledge company with a specialty in marketing, advertisement and consultancy, with offices around the GCC.”

Eureka moment

Nassif said that he had always been an animal lover and having two dogs at home, he noticed a gap in the market for high quality pet products. That is when he decided to launch Puppytaste. “Our mission as a company is to provide owners with a one-stop-shop where they can find everything they need for their furry friends from food and non-toxic toys to grooming supplies and bespoke luxury accessories,” he said. He added that he also wanted to offer personalised customer service and expert advice to help pet owners make informed decisions about their purchases.

Standing out from the crowd

Talking about the services provided at Puppytaste, Nassif said: “We are the largest online pet store in the Middle East. We do not just provide products, we provide an experience for pet lovers. We specialise in dogs and cat products. Our services include appointments for our showroom visits, same day deliveries, personalised customer service, and expert advice to help pet owners make informed decisions about their purchases.” Puppytaste also offers luxury pet wear and accessories, which can be customised in their factories in Italy and brought to the UAE for the customers.

“Our company also is the exclusive distributor for several pet products in the Middle East, like EMMA FIRENZE, one of the leading names in luxury pet accessoseries, which are handmade in Italy, using the finest material. In addition, we have launched our own line, which includes pet shampoos, perfumes for different skin types to cater to a wide variety of cats and dogs, pet accessories, and treats,” he added.

Nassif said that Puppytaste is the only company that provides bespoke items handmade in Italy. Talking at length about the whole process, he said: “The customer visits our showroom, visits by appointments only, he will sit in a very relaxed environment with specialised people, go through different designs, check the luxury textile based on the size and weight of his pet and we will manufacture handmade in Italy and ship it to his door in less than 15 days.”

Initial obstacles

Looking back at the start, Nassif said that launching during the pandemic and the global recession was a very big risk and challenge. “However, with determination and passion that was put into this project we were able to be the leading pet retail business in this market,” he said, adding that research, ideation, innovation, customised and personalised durable luxury products are the trademarks that distinguishes Puppytaste us in the market of high quality products for four-legged friends. “In no time, we have become the market leaders when it comes to luxury, quality, and durable pet products. We have succeeded in creating a brand, with values, where pet lovers, trust our products and this lead us to be the market leaders for premium luxury pet products.”

Competitive Edge

Talking about how his company is different from many conventional pet shops, Nassif said: “At Puppytaste, we do not just provide goods and services, we provide a memorable experience. We create a style for our lifetime companions in harmony with our own. We offer luxury pet accessories and our own line of grooming products, which are formulated for the

different skin types and they come in a wide range of scents.” Nassif added that Puppytaste is the only company that provides luxury customised bespoke accessories handmade in Italy. Customers can select from their wide range of famous textile designers. “We are the only company that uses materials that are exactly those you find in the official fashion industry: refined premium leathers such as python or cowhide, precious cashmere fabrics, original materials coming from the Tuscan tradition like rich merino and cashmere yarns, glazed pottery, 18k gold, sterling silver, precious stones and cameos,” he said.

Adapting to technological trends

Nassif acknowledged the role played by latest developments in technology. He said: “Technology plays a huge role from the production to marketing to shipment and deliveries. In addition, as we are one of the largest online pet store, we depend a lot on our online platform, this is why we have built a very attractive website, using modern technology with a great CMS with top notch servers in order to make sure customers have a pleasant experience, taking into consideration the customer journey, deliveries, and our partners as well.” He went on to say that the social media platforms nowadays are very essential to any business, “This why we deliver valuable tips on our social media pages, so our care for pets is reflected on all our digital platforms.”

Key milestones and achievements

Nassif said: “We are very proud of how far we have come in under a year. We became the market leaders in premium pet accessories, and we have started distributing all over GCC, introducing our grooming shampoo and perfume line, as well our pet accessory line.” He credited their large clientele and their satisfaction with their advice, services and goods as the most important achievement.

Road ahead

“We want to even take it further and open more branches in the MENA region and Europe. We are already shipping our products to Africa and the GCC, and now we have clients from Europe asking for Puppytaste products. Moreover, we are in the process of producing the most luxurious pet beds in the world, which will be handmade in Italy with specialised material manufactured only for us.” He added that they had signed with very well known worldwide designers to design their pet apparel line and are expanding their range of products.

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