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Power League Gaming is a pioneer in the MENA media industry, shaping the gaming and eSports sector in the region

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By Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021, 9:47 PM

Power League Gaming (PLG) is the MENA region's most disruptive full-service gaming, content, and eSports activation company. It combines deep analytics and audience insights to build branded ecosystems for brands such as KFC, Adidas, Lenovo, Coke, Razer, Kellogg's and Nestle. 

PLG is a company that is comprised of gamers, ex-pro eSports athletes, brand strategists, content creators, designers and educators - at its core, the company loves gaming, eSports, and media, and has a deep understanding of what resonates with gaming audiences. 

For the past decade, PLG has been an integral part of shaping the gaming and eSports sector in the MENA region. It has consistently produced ground-breaking, disruptive mechanics that successfully connect global brands with gaming audiences, as well as designing engaging content platforms that will transfer the skills and experiences necessary to develop the region's next generation of gaming and content leaders. 

The company connects companies and brands with Arabic gaming and eSports audiences, in the Middle East and North Africa, where 30 per cent of the population consider themselves to be gamers. It is data-driven and insight-driven, which means that its gaming-related strategies and solutions are based on a thorough understanding of what motivates and resonates with MENA's gaming audiences. This enables it to build solutions that drive tangible business benefit for its partners, clients and their brands. 

It has also just launched the region's first, fully equipped 10,000 square foot production studio that hosts 360º production solutions for branded content creation and live broadcasts. It features the highest quality technology standards and the latest broadcast hardware and IT infrastructure. The studio's facilities enable PLG's team to deliver seamless live eSports broadcasts and pre-recorded content to a global audience and has seen major international brands already utilise the space. 

Local gaming and content creation 

The spotlight shone on all aspects of the gaming industry during the pandemic, especially eSports and the gaming content that can be consumed from the comfort of one's home. 

Globally, there was a rise in the minutes that gaming content was viewed as more people were producing and streaming content, and more people found themselves at home seeking online experiences and content to keep themselves occupied. 

"In the UAE, 76 per cent of the population are identified as gamers, which is one of the highest percentages in the world, and from a local perspective, the pandemic has amplified gaming content and experiences in the UAE," commented Matthew Pickering, CEO of PLG. 

"From the service providers perspective, brands have shifted their project focus, pivoting towards marketing campaigns that are focused on gaming, as this is where they have generated ROI from branded content, viewed and retained by consumers." 

The gaming industry is experiencing an acute, sustained upswing throughout MENA, and this sustained rapid growth of a segment and audience is leading brands to PLG with briefs to connect them with Arabic gaming audiences. This is how the company really adds value to its clients - building strategies, experiences and content to connect their brands with Arabic gaming audiences and help them navigate this new audience segment. According to Pickering, 2020 has been the year of hypergrowth at PLG - it has witnessed increases in revenue, headcount, and expanded operations in the region with new offices in Abu Dhabi and Cairo. 

Future of industry in MENA 

The MENA region experiences year-on-year growth, around 25 per cent in eSports and gaming, which makes it the fastest-growing geography in the world for this sector. PLG's full-service offering paves the way brands enter this space of gaming and connect with the gaming consumer. 

Traditionally, FMCG brands have seen the greatest rewards from associating with eSports and gaming audiences, however, this is expanding to other industries. In the last year alone, PLG has created branded experiences in the automotive, sports, fashion, technology, and telecom sectors. The diversification of the different industries entering the gaming market displays the value of eSports and gaming in the MENA region. 

More to come 

PLG continues to scale both locally and internationally, with offices currently in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo. The company's next goal is to open an office and studio in Saudi Arabia to serve its expanding clients there. From a content perspective, PLG continues to invest in the newest and most innovative design and production technology to provide its partners and their brands with the most effective and creative solutions to engage and retain Arabic gaming audiences. 

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