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Arun Kumar Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, FreshToHome on providing sustainable and fresh products to consumers

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

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Published: Sun 28 Nov 2021, 11:20 AM

Last updated: Sun 28 Nov 2021, 11:22 AM

Can you talk about the journey of FreshToHome as a local home-grown focused company?

FreshToHome, launched in 2015, has emerged as one of the leading e-groceries in the UAE, supplying fresh and premium poultry, fish and seafood, meat and ready-to-cook products along with seasonal, bakery, pantry and grocery items, at budget-friendly prices.

We are proud to be a local, home-grown business, catering to the tastes of different nationalities and supporting the UAE economy as an innovative, online food retailer. Some of the leading investors in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIO), ADQ, ICD, Crescent Enterprise Ventures, Massar and others, have invested in FreshToHome via equity or rebates.

We are on trajectory towards disrupting and changing the buying and sales processes of traditional commodities and supporting the sustainable growth of independent and medium size suppliers.

As a strategic food company, FreshToHome is a core player in ensuring the continuity of food supply. We work with the local farming and fishing communities to secure a daily supply of fresh produce and provide them with a fair remuneration. Our business model supports income and employment generation through trade, and we are growing the market share of food sourced from within the UAE. With rising market demand, local suppliers have been able to invest in new infrastructure and local talent.

From fisherman or farm to fork, we believe FreshToHome has set new standards for convenience, freshness, health, quality, hygiene, and taste in the local UAE industry.

How has technology helped FreshToHome in revolutionising the way fresh produce is sourced?

By leveraging AI-based technology and business innovation, FreshToHome brings a superior value proposition to customers and suppliers in an economically important trade sector. Using advanced technology, we connect local farmers and fishermen directly to the cold chain system within minutes of the food being harvested or caught.

What is ‘just-in-time’ logistics and how does it ensure freshness of food products?

FreshToHome uses algorithms to forecast consumer supply and demand, which has led to the rise of just-in-time logistics and farming. This means that we receive the supply of products as needed rather than days or weeks before there is a demand. We are thus able to ensure continuous availability of products along with freshness and high quality; reduce waste and improve overall unit economics.

How does FreshToHome encourage healthy eating among its consumers?

To promote healthy eating among consumers, FreshToHome offers products that are 100 per cent clean label, that is, made with a few, easily identifiable ingredients, and free of all chemicals, preservatives, antibiotic residues and food additives. All our products are tested and certified by top labs in the UAE.

In addition, while engaging with our growing online communities via social media channels and emails, we continuously encourage our customers to choose health at every step of the food system. Through our regular communication channels, we also share tips on cooking healthily along with recipes that help our customers enjoy tasty food along with good health.

What is FreshToHome doing to contribute towards reducing food wastage?

As a result of predictive planning, our fishermen and farmers harvest according to market needs. This means less wastage as the food is always fresh and the nutritional quality is maintained.

FreshToHome has also partnered with UAE-based organisations to distribute excess stocks in order to avoid waste, while following strict health and safety guidelines.

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