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Abdul Gafoor Moinudheen, CEO of Agrico International, Dubai
Abdul Gafoor Moinudheen, CEO of Agrico International, Dubai

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

Published: Tue 26 Oct 2021, 3:26 PM

Agrico International is leading the region's agribusiness sector

Success comes to those who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and venture into unchartered territory. That is the belief and conviction of Abdul Gafoor Moinudheen, CEO of Agrico International, Dubai. He talks about how a firm belief in what he wanted to do and the unwavering support of friends and family made him realise his dreams.

Becoming an entrepreneur

After leaving a steady job and coming to the UAE from Qatar, Moinudheen said that he very quickly realised that there was a demand for companies supplying raw materials for food and feed industry. That was the spark that led to him establishing Agrico International in 2017 and since then, he has never looked back. Although the company had a humble beginning, starting in Ajman, through the support from all corners, including farms and big companies, Agrico were able to expand operations rapidly.

Starting with zero capital

Moinudheen said that most entrepreneurs hesitate and look for funding and in doing so, they miss out on an opportunity that is taken up by others. He gave his own example, saying that starting out Agrico had no capital and he had to use his personal credit card to establish the company and set it up. Eventually his belief in what he was doing paid off with the support of suppliers and buyers in the region.

Dominating the market

Now Agrico sources and supplies over 300,000 tons of agriculture commodities annually through its two divisions — food and feed industry, with trading presence in 26 countries. The food division supplies grains, pulses, and ingredients to manufacturers, packers, wholesalers, and traders. The feed division focuses on catering animal feed raw materials to the farms and feed compounders, supplying them with grains, by-products and forages. For certain feed commodities, Agrico enjoys more than 70 per cent market share in the UAE. The company takes pride in provide the finest livestock raw materials, food grains, and end-to-end supply chain management to a range of high-profile customers and government entities, which have helped Agrico in strengthening their hold in the market.

A global network of customers

Their significant customers are major dairy farms, feed compounders manufacturers and packers. Over the years, they have developed a network of suppliers globally, and the main supply comes from countries including Greece, USA, Spain, Kenya and Tanzania to mention a few.

Dealing with adversity

Moinudheen is quick to point out that every venture poses challenges and that one should not be deterred by obstacles. He said that there were many instances when the business faced problems in finding reliable supplying partners. He said that when Agrico procures materials from a country, they tie up with the biggest exporter there. "Actually, they act as part of Agrico over there, or in other words, we are kind of taking up a franchise of theirs," he said. This helps in developing a bond of trust between them and also ensures uninterrupted supply and availability of quality products.

Facilitating needs

Agrico sources directly from farmers and producers while following strict quality control protocols. Apart from the company’s own brand of agricultural commodities, the company also does private labelling for other major suppliers as well. He said that Agrico works closely with various stakeholders and caters to the needs of farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. With an acute realisation and understanding of agriculture, farming and logistics, it works as an intermediary to facilitate partnerships between its clients in the MENA and SEA region and suppliers across the world. He added that as a responsible business, Agrico was committed to serving not just their ecosystem but also the wider community as well.


The Agrico International Team

Believing in yourself

Moinudheen said that the company is where it is today because he believed in himself and the vision he had for the company. Sharing the future vision for the company he said that "The goal of Agrico is that I want it to be the one-stop shop for the farms. Farming does not mean feed raw materials. There are many consultation parts as well as also additives, medicines, and so on. Our main aim is to develop Agrico as a company that provides every solution to the farms.''

To the aspiring business people and professionals who want to climb up the ladder, Moinudheen has only one suggestion: “If you feel that you are ready for anything, go for it and don’t wait for tomorrow, if you fail in the first attempt don’t get dejected. You will definitely attain your goal.”

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