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Preeya Malik, Managing Director at Step Global
Preeya Malik, Managing Director at Step Global

Preeya Malik, Managing Director at Step Global, is a role model for women in the workforce as she charts a way for people looking to make a fresh start

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Published: Mon 27 Feb 2023, 12:54 PM

Last updated: Mon 27 Feb 2023, 12:56 PM

STEP GLOBAL is an immigration consultancy firm comprised of a network of globally licensed lawyers and immigration specialists who provide active guidance through the entire immigration process. The firm takes pride on being a single point of contact between all parties involved to ensure the most optimal chances for approval of client’s application for migration. Preeya Malik, Managing Director at Step Global, talks about her journey in the sector and how her firm is making the dreams of many into a reality.

Below are excerpts of the interview.

Please tell us about your journey and what made you take up this career.

I have always loved immigration law. My inspiration for taking this further has been my parents and family, and seeing the personal immigration journey they have been on for many years. My parents immigrated to Canada as young adults. They had to navigate the immigration system, acclimatise to a new environment and culture, and leave behind the only world they once knew. However, they made this sacrifice to traverse oceans for the betterment of their future, and for their children as well. During law school, I worked at immigration-focused firms, learning about all types of immigration routes and policies. I found the perfect fit within investment immigration and the US EB-5 Programme. Specialising in this programme specifically over the last 12 years has allowed me the opportunity to assist families from this region — the same region my parents once migrated from — to also gain permanent residency and citizenship in the US and Canada.

For this same reason, I was drawn to Dubai when I decided to switch from working on the project development side of EB-5 to the investor side. Being headquartered in the UAE meant we could service clients from all over the Middle East, India, and Africa. A large base with many families looking for a secure future for their children and families, just as my parents once did.

What have been some of the lessons learned along the way?

That major lesson is the importance of human relationships in furthering any goal you have in life, whether it be in business or otherwise. I strive to treat my clients like family and have developed friendships and mutual respect with both my clients and potential clients over the years.

Gaining a reputation for being ethical and operating with transparency and integrity will always be more important than revenues and financial profit, and it will take you further in business too, especially in the long term.

How has the role of women in the workforce evolved over time and what more needs to be done to encourage more women to step into the industry?

There has certainly been a shift in the workforce toward women being accepted as powerhouses in the workplace and being given equal opportunities for career growth as men. When I first started working in this region and specifically in this industry, which dealt with multi-million dollar projects and legal intricacies, there were absolutely times when I was confronted with individuals who didn’t believe a woman could do the job adequately. Some people thought that because of my gender, I was more suitedin a traditional female role such as assistant or administrative rather than as a Managing Director, which was less common in those days. I didn’t let that discourage me and would always politely assert my position. Today, seeing women in executive and management roles or business ownership is not unusual, and I am proud of that.I do think that although women are being given equal opportunities, they require resources that will further help them succeed. Resources like childcare or flexibility are important. Although we are moving closer to gender equality in both the workplace and home environments, we haven’t bridged the gap completely just yet.

What are the services provided by Step Global and how does it stand out from its competitors?

Step Global is a full service immigration consultancy firm that takes immigration clients through all aspects of their investment immigration process to the US or Canada. We specialise in the Canadian Startup Visa Programme and the US EB-5 Programme, although we have the resources to provide alternative solutions to those who need it.

There are three things that set Step Global apart from other immigration consultancy firms.

First, we have properly licensed lawyers in place on the ground headquartered in the UAE to assist clients with their case files. This means that a client’s file will always be handled with the highest ethical practices and standards which always comply with the most current government immigration policy. Second, our network of globally licensed lawyers and immigration professionals has been carefully acquired over ten years. We ensure these experts work with the same ethical standards to which we hold our full team. This gives access to the most knowledgeable professionals who are aware of their cases all over the globe at any given time.

Finally, we are not simply a referral company. We take the client from beginning to end and stay with the client through multiple years of an immigration process until permanent residency is achieved, regardless of which programme they choose to move forward with. This is our commitment — to be available and to use every extent possible in ensuring success for our clients. This work ethic and transparency have resulted in our stellar reputation throughout the industry and track record of approvals over the last decade.

How has the world re-aligned after the pandemic and what would you like to tell prospective immigrants?

We have seen an awakening after the pandemic. With more global residency by investment options available at all price points, individuals have quickly come to realise that it doesn’t matter what your nationality is or where you were born. In terms of residency and citizenship, anything is possible. However, as a result of the ever-increasing popularity of these programmes, we also see governments starting to tighten up as their economic purposes are fulfilled. This is not meant to scare investors, but rather to point out that these programmes are a vehicle for government needs, and they are constantly evolving. Should anyone be interested in a second residency and/or citizenship, now is the time to review various options and take advantage of the existing routes still available today.

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