UAE: Punjabi community launches new book commemorating legacy

'Lions of Punjab' gives readers an insight into the Indian state's history and civilisation


A Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 6 Mar 2022, 2:37 PM

The Punjabi diaspora’s roots in the UAE date back to the days of the formation of the Union in 1971.

Since then, many of them have contributed to the region’s growth in various sectors, including financial, economic, real estate, construction, transport, logistics and education.

Commemorating their contribution and presenting the real-life stories of such leaders and industry influencers, DCom Designs, in association with 2b Innovations and PTC Punjabi, are launching the Lions of Punjab, a coffee table book, on March 19.

Right from Punjab’s civilisation that starts from the days of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa down to what it is today, the book takes readers through the history of the state, while exploring different aspects of their history, culture, religion, food, clothing and their contributions to the international world.

The book also gives readers an insight into the lives of 25 prominent Punjabi leaders who have shaped the future of the UAE and the globe in general.

Vikas Bhargava, CCO of DCom Designs, said: “After the successful launch of 19 books including Pearls of Rajasthan and Icons of Maharashtra, we really wanted to do something magnanimous for the Punjabi community who deserve much credit for their contributions too. This book is a small gesture of gratitude that will tell you how and why are Punjabis so successful."

The event, to be held at the Address Dubai Marina, will also be accompanied with the SEWA Awards headed by 2b Innovations, honouring those who have served the community during challenging times and contributed selflessly to the growth of the nation.

It will also be graced by renowned business tycoons from the Indian, Asian and African regions. The whole event will be broadcast live by PTC Punjabi, one of the most famous Punjabi TV channels watched all across the globe.

“This book will bring back memories from the past, not only for the ones who built it but also for people like us who’ve been witnesses to the community’s unprecedented growth. We look forward to welcoming our esteemed guests at the event and we’re excited for the launch," said Amanjeet Singh of 2b Innovations.

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