KRK reviews Salman Khan-Katrina's 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

KRK reviews Salman Khan-Katrinas Tiger Zinda Hai

Dubai - 'Director Ali Zafar Abbas has put up an unimpressive work'

By Kamaal Rashid Khan

Published: Fri 22 Dec 2017, 4:46 PM

Last updated: Fri 22 Dec 2017, 5:59 PM

The Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer is an action-packed sequel of 'Ek Tha Tiger'.
As anticipated and suggested by the movie trailer, Tiger Zinda Hai is high on action - or do we say the entire film is only action, while story and emotions are completely overlooked?
With Salman-Katrina teaming up after over five years, Tiger Zinda Hai is an extension of the real life incident where in 2014, Indian nurses were abducted by Daesh but later released. But in the movie, director Ali Zafar Abbas, intending to warm India-Pakistan ties, shows both Indian and Pakistani nurses being abducted by a terrorist group in a hospital in Iraq.
Now, both the countries join hands against terrorism and the movie shows RAW and ISI working together to rescue 25 Indian and 15 Pakistani nurses.
The action saga unfolds after India's diplomatic corps pick RAW agent Tiger and Pakistan ropes in ISI agent Zoya for this dangerous mission of rescuing nurses safely from the deadly terrorist Abu Usman, played by UAE-based Iranian actor Sajjad Delfarooz.
The film seems quite unconvincing and hypothetical at many places. For instance, the way Tiger simply saunters into the terrorist infested area and rescues the nurses is quite hilarious. Also, a scene when Tiger and his team fearlessly walk in to the hospital which is guarded by terrorists and where the nurses are detained, is unbelievable. They enter the hospital under the pretext of being treated for burns but surprisingly they don't look burnt or tattered at all!
As the whole incident was quite obvious, seems the director had no story to tell and wraps up the movie with two hours and 15 minutes of thoughtless action, patching up the remaining few minutes with bits and pieces and a song by Atif Aslam.


Scenes appear from nowhere and are not related in many places in the movie.


Director Ali Zafar Abbas has put up an unimpressive work. The movie is largely about action and the emotion and connection are missing completely. He was just thinking about action so he is not able to get good performances from his actors.


The dialogues are poorly written. Some dialogues seem to take off but crash mid way, sounding funny or dragging. Also most of the dialogues are out of place. 20 per cent dialogues are in English which will be drawback because single screen theatre audience won't be able to understand.


The movie is only about action, action and action. Though it is an action-thriller, the storyline and plot are missing. It aims to give an adrenaline rush through action alone, which is disastrous


Salman khan and Katrina both have done average acting. Sajjad has done good job. Others are just timepass.


It's a waste of time to watch such an unreal movie that one wouldn't know whether it is comedy or action or both or it's a computer game. But if you are a fan of Salman and Katrina and watching them is enough, then it will be good enough
Run-time: 2 hours 41 minutes
Starring: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sajjad Delfarooz
Rating- 1*

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