Apurva Asrani battled Bell's Palsy after 'stressful fight with a leading actress'

Mumbai - Is he referring to Kangana Ranaut?



Published: Mon 14 Dec 2020, 5:35 PM

National Award-winning film editor and writer Apurva Asrani on Monday tweeted how he had battled a form of facial paralysis called Bell’s Palsy following a stressful fight with a leading Bollywood actress a while back


"I spent almost 40 years of my life anxiously trying to make my career, my relationships & my health work. But the more I tried, the more I was exhausted. Navigating the big city, navigating traffic, I was always hurrying, because no matter how much I tried, I was always late," Apurva wrote.

"Then at the cusp of turning 40, after a stressful fight with a leading actress, I was struck with #BellsPalsy, a form of bilateral facial paralysis. This was accompanied by severe vertigo & nausea. I was forced to stop everything, including the editing of #madeinheaven," he continued.


I was forced to move out of the city, to slow down and to make myself my priority. I decided to only do work that stirred my soul, and to give up on the rat race. 3 years later, I thank God for pushing me towards a slow life. I know now that things meant to happen, will," Apurva added, in separate tweets.

Although Apurva avoided taking names, the tension between him and Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut over credits for the 2017 film Simran is well known.

Apurva was reportedly unhappy with Kangana for claiming that she had co-written the script of the Hansal Mehta film. He had expressed at that time that he felt "betrayed" by the actress.

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