Tips and tricks to use dry shampoos wisely

Tips and tricks to use dry shampoos wisely

By Injeel Firoz Moti, beauty blogger

Published: Fri 13 Apr 2018, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 13 Apr 2018, 2:00 AM

We have all been there - greasy hair and no time to wash. Rushing out to work or maybe just too tired. And what do we ladies find ourselves doing in this tricky situation? We grab the nearest can of dry shampoo we have conveniently placed in our bathroom cabinets and spray away.
Most of us know about this beauty miracle and many of us might be users too, but what exactly is dry shampoo? It is a secret weapon that absorbs natural oils, while giving hair more body, allowing you to extend the life of your hair for an extra day or two.
For those of you new to the dry shampoo game, read on to find out some helpful tips and tricks.
1) Dry hair 'only': This may not come as a shock, but dry shampoo only works on dry hair. So, don't try spraying or sprinkling your dry shampoo onto wet, freshly washed hair.
2) Maintain a distance: When using an aerosol dry shampoo, make sure you spray the dry shampoo at least six inches away from the scalp. Otherwise, you'll get way too much build-up and you won't be able to separate it out through your hair.
3) It's okay that it's white: If dry shampoo is new to you, don't freak out if your hair gets a little white at first. Let the product sit for a few minutes before styling and the white residue should go away. If it's still a bit chalkier than you'd like, comb it through your hair with your fingers.
4) Add as you go: After you apply your dry shampoo, inspect your hair to see if you missed any spots. If you did, you can either add more, or brush through the hair to distribute the product evenly.
5) Too much is not good: Try not to go overboard with the application. If you happen to apply too much on one spot, don't worry
because it can be fixed. Simply add a touch of a lightweight serum to the spot and gently blow dry, or you can brush out the dry shampoo until it is completely absorbed by your hair.
6Stop touching your hair: Do not touch your hair ever. Even if you have applied dry shampoo to your strands, the natural oils in your fingertips will only make your hair oily again. Remember, that's how you got yourself into the oily hair mess to begin with.
7) Apply it in right places: Do not apply dry shampoo on top of your head. Doing that will leave you with that dreaded white residue and it will not add volume to your hair. Instead, lift the top layer of hair and spray underneath at the roots so you can successfully hide the white residue.
8) Turn up the volume: When used properly, not only does dry shampoo remove excess oil from your hair, it also adds texture and volume to your locks. Dry shampoo is the perfect hair pick-me-up for all those special, last-minute dos you need to attend.

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