Beauty must-haves for your handbag

Beauty must-haves for your handbag

By Reem Abou Samra, owner, LaLoge Salon

Published: Fri 16 Aug 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 16 Aug 2019, 2:00 AM

Being a businesswoman means always being on the go - I carry many of my favourite beauty products with me so that I can have access to them no matter where I am or what I am doing. Here, I share seven beauty essentials that I believe every woman should carry in her handbag at all times...
1) SPF moisturiser
It's really important to keep a small SPF moisturiser in your handbag at all times. If you forget to apply it in the morning or you need to top up during the day - especially if you are spending a long day in the sun and do not want to burn your face - wearing sunscreen daily would also help to prevent wrinkles and other skin imperfections.
2) Mini perfume
Carrying a mini perfume in your handbag is a must so that you can smell great at all times. It's nice to have different scents handy to take you from day to night, so two mini perfumes would be perfect. My current favourites are Chanel Gardenia and Miss Dior.
3) Hand sanitiser
Germs are everywhere. Hence, carrying a hand sanitiser in your handbag is great for keeping your hands clean, especially if you tend to touch your face throughout the day. This will minimise the transfer of germs to your face, which could result in breakouts.
4) A red lipstick
Having a red lipstick with you at all times is essential; you never know when you may need to make an impromptu appearance at an important event, so adding a red lipstick transforms any daytime look into evening-ready elegance.
5) Pressed powder
If you tend to get oily throughout the day, keeping a pressed powder or blotting papers in your handbag is great for controlling shine. These products won't remove your makeup, just soak up any excess oil that is creating shine.
6) Compact mirror
A compact mirror is essential for top-ups throughout the day. Whether it's a stray hair you need to put back in place, a lipstick replenishment or simply to check if your makeup is in place, carrying a compact mirror means you can ensure you are looking presentable at all times.
7) Lip balm
Chapped lips are never a good look, so I like to keep my lips moisturised throughout the day. One of my favourite lip balms is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - it's a skin protectant, so you can also use it on other areas, such as under the eyes or other dry patches. I also love the Nutricia Baume Levres from French skincare brand Payot.

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