5 steps to flawless makeup all day long

5 steps to flawless makeup all day long

By Zieda Sharipova

Published: Fri 9 Aug 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 9 Aug 2019, 2:00 AM

There's nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time trying to get the perfect makeup look - only to find it completely missing a few hours later. You know the drill - when your eyeshadow and eyeliner get smudged; your foundation and blush disappear, and you don't even remember the colour of your lipstick anymore. There may be makeup products built to stay on for a longer time - but here's how you can preempt the situation, and make your everyday products last. These hacks are so simple you can easily add them to your daily routine to keep that work of art on your face flawless - all day, every day. 
Step 1: Cleanse
If you haven't recently done it, then start by washing your face. Oil piles up fast, even if you can't really see it, so make sure you're starting with a fresh face.
Step 2: Moisturise
After you pat your face dry, use an oil-free moisturiser. Avoid using a thick face cream or heavier substances and keep it light.
Step 3: Prime
Primers are lifesavers in today's day and age. They help keep your makeup on for longer and set the base for the whole day. Apply the primer by focusing on the T-zone and be sure not to use too much. Adding too much primer will make your face feel cakey.
Step 4: Makeup Time
This is when you actually use your foundation, bronzer, blush, etc - just do your thing.
Find a foundation that matches your skin type or specific needs. For oily skin, you are likely to have a hard time getting makeup to stay so, on top of your primer, you should try and use an oil-free foundation.
If your skin is dry, the primer and other steps should help to keep the makeup in place, so use whatever foundation/tinted moisturiser you want.
Step 5: Set Your Makeup
After your makeup look is complete, you'll want to set the look by using a good setting spray. Spray in an X and then T motion, about a foot from your face. If you hate the idea of spraying your face, there are also setting/finishing powders you can use to keep the makeup on for longer. Now you're all done and ready for a day out. with your makeup looking just perfect, of course.

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