Indian, Pakistani cabbies get free airline tickets in UAE

Indian, Pakistani cabbies get free airline tickets in UAE
A Bangladeshi cabbie also won.

Abu Dhabi - How did they get one? Read on

By Web Report

Published: Tue 20 Jun 2017, 5:03 PM

Some taxi drivers in Abu Dhabi were lucky to pick up an extraordinary passenger that gave them the surprise of a lifetime.
In a short Instagram video by Abdulaziz ' Bin Baz', he gave away Etihad tickets to cab drivers. And mind you, there was no requirement to get the tickets, the only condition was being the lucky cabbie who picks him up as he gets driven around town.
Throughout the video, the Emirati comedian encounters three cabbies, an Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi who he converses with. The cabbies then share stories about their families and how long they have not seen them. One cab driver has not even seen his own children for more than two years!

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The social media icon then gave the cabbies the gift of a lifetime when he handed them Etihad roundtrip tickets to their home countries! All the cabbies were exalted by the unexpected present. One of them even said 'Is this a dream?' as he tried to come to terms with the present he was receiving.

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