Emirates to unveil glass SkyLounge in 2020?

Emirates to unveil glass SkyLounge in 2020?

Dubai - Emirates announced this news on their Instagram account.

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By Web Report

Published: Sun 1 Apr 2018, 9:18 AM

Last updated: Sun 1 Apr 2018, 7:00 PM

Emirates revealed an exclusive SkyLounge which will give flyers panoramic view of the skies as they enjoy the luxury mid-air. Emirates announced this news on their Instagram account and since praise-worthy comments have been flooding in from flyers world over! However, the outpouring of elated comments was short-lived as soon Instagram users realised it was an April Fool's Day prank by Emirates!
The world's leading airlines posted on Instagram a hilarious post and wrote: 'Emirates reveals SkyLounge, the most exclusive Onboard Lounge to be introduced on its Boeing 777X fleet from 2020. A completely transparent lounge with unmatched aerial views and unparalleled luxury, Emirates SkyLounge promises window views like no other.'
As soon as Emirates put up the post, many were fooled by to the airline's hilarious prank which announced the launch of Boeing 777X fleet from 2020, offering unmatched aerial views. To make it look 'authentic', the Emirates added a few made-up pictures previewing the luxurious lounge with a bar, sofa, and sprawling space with glass windows and roof!
Last year too, the airline played the April Fool's Day prank and announced its plans to launch the world's largest commercial plane, a triple-decker 'APR001', featuring a swimming pool, games room, gym and a park.
Certainly, the airline's 'impeccable' effort to tickle the funny bones of their loyal flyers ended with many having a hearty laugh!

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