Coronavirus: Flydubai announces passenger partnership as it prepares to return to skies

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Dubai - The partnership is a set of simple steps that start before a passenger makes a booking until they arrive at their destination.

By Wam

Published: Tue 30 Jun 2020, 3:49 AM

Last updated: Tue 30 Jun 2020, 6:02 AM

Flydubai, the Dubai-based airline, on Monday announced a partnership with its passengers as the airline prepares to return to the skies following the lifting of flight restrictions in the UAE.
Ghaith Al Ghaith, Chief Executive Officer of flydubai, said: "The effectiveness of the response to the coronavirus pandemic led by the UAE Government has enabled flight restrictions to be lifted. We appreciate that no effort has been spared as we see the precautionary measures eased."
The airline has redesigned its entire passenger journey and built upon the existing high standards of its operations to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19. For everyone to realise the benefit of travel, passengers need to have confidence that the airline is taking the correct measures and they also need to understand the role they must play to protect themselves and other passengers.

This relationship between the airline and the passenger defines the flydubai partnership. It is recognition that the way in which passengers travel has changed and that these protocols set out the new way of travelling.
Commenting on flydubai's redesigned passenger journey, Al Ghaith added: "In these unprecedented times, we are very conscious of the role that we play as part of the global community in response to Covid-19. We have carefully reviewed the guidance and best practice published by a number of international organisations, together with those of our regulator and our industry partners. We have further built on these which has resulted in a layering of measures by the authorities, the airport and flydubai.
"To realise the benefits of air travel is everyone's responsibility. We recognise the importance of the role of the passenger in making these measures work.
"Together we have redefined a new way to travel which creates a partnership. It's what we do together that will make this work."
The partnership is a set of simple steps that start before a passenger makes a booking until they arrive at their destination. It also recognises that passengers' plans may need to change and flydubai will offer passengers flexibility in their travel arrangements.
Al Ghaith commented on the airline's commitment to its passengers thus: "Our passengers have long enjoyed the benefits and convenience of air travel. As we move into this next phase, we recognise that it is our role to enable travel in a safe environment and the role of the passenger is to be prepared and ready to travel.
"Only by working together can the passenger make informed decisions to book their travel. They can be confident in knowing that they can amend their travel plans should travel restrictions or personal circumstances change. This is our commitment."

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