This BMW is the darkest car in the world

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The BMW X6 will be revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Published: Thu 5 Sep 2019, 1:20 PM

Last updated: Thu 5 Sep 2019, 3:24 PM

The BMW recently unveiled the 'blackest' SUV in the world which has been painted in 'Vantablack' paint which is non-reflective colour and can make an object appear two-dimensional.
The BMW X6, in Vantablack paint by Newhaven-based Surrey Nanosystems, will be revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show, reported News18.
While according to BMW, the 'blackest black' is so dark that it obscures most design details and is a "rather unsuitable vehicle paint finish".
'Vanta' stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array, and signifies the microscopic carbon structure that forms the basis of the finish.

Each strand is 5,000 times thinner than a human hair, at length of 14-50 micrometres and diameter of 20 nanometers.
Each square centimetre of the one-off X6 contains around 1 billion nanotubes, which absorbs light rather than reflecting it and effectively converts it to heat.

Surrey Nanosystems launched first Vantablack paint in 2014 and was claimed to absorb 99.965 per cent of light.
Ben Jensen, founder of Surrey NanoSystems, said, "We turned down numerous requests from various automobile manufacturers in the past. It took the BMW X6 and its unique, expressive design for us to entertain the idea."

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