The V6 Patrol, on highlands and highways

The V6 Patrol, on highlands and highways
The Patrol V6

By David Light

Published: Sat 24 Mar 2018, 3:50 PM

Last updated: Thu 29 Mar 2018, 6:41 PM

WHEN THE GOING gets tough, the tough get Patrolling. That's the impression Nissan wishes to convey, but does it stand up? Well, let's dispel the myth right now, going off road isn't at all as rugged a pursuit as some would have you believe. All heavy-duty 4x4s now (unless you're into winching) tend to be padded, air-conditioned mobile palaces. No matter what the brand, these mammoth cars are exceptionally comfortable and as good on the road as up a dune. So you can drop the Indiana Jones act. However, we don't see that as a bad thing. Embrace the luxuriousness, we say. You can still wear your leather coat and trilby, nosedive into a wadi and scream through the desert, but now you know, we know, you know that the sound system and trim is just as important to many of you, which is why, along with it's stand-up performance, you should take a look at this Nissan Patrol V6.
I thought all big off-roaders were V8s?
So did we. Actually we were intrigued by the smaller-than-usual engine. Would it be enough to heave along that ample frame? Of course it is. This is a Nissan we're talking about. If there is one thing they know, it's how to get the best out of a motor. 275hp is what it produces and that's enough. It'll lug that five-metre long body up to speed and, at low RPM, the torque available will have you prancing up a hill with minimal bother. The fact it takes over 11 seconds to get to 100km/h isn't that big a deal because that's not why you buy these cars, is it?
I can go off-road, right?
Of course you can. For all our ribbing about you self-proclaimed desert warriors being as outdoorsy as a teacup poodle, if you are into off-roading it is actually a decent piece of equipment. Look at the pictures. A ground clearance of up to 20 inches, up to 140-litres fuel capacity, a two-tonne towing capacity and independent wishbone're set. Plus that beefy exterior means you will hold your own in the pose-off at the compulsory pre-dune bashing tea session at an outpost petrol station.
But, there's decent sound system?
Yes! The Patrol V6 is chock full of gadgets and home comforts. In fact, it's nicer than our house. Comfy leather seats, a wood trim, screens in the headrests and even carpeted floors make this utterly sublime. The cool box will also keep your sodas chilled if the outside temperatures get a bit too much for you.
Would we get one?
With a starting price of Dhs194,250 we would definitely give this car a look. If you have a family, there aren't really any situations in which we could see it being a miss. Obviously singles may find it excessive just to ferry themselves around, but if you have up to seven other people in your house, it'll work. The roads here are accommodating for a vehicle of this size and parking it, with the light steering and cameras it possesses, is easy. We like it very much.
Engine: 3954cc V6
Power: 275hp
0-100km/h: Just over 11 seconds
Starting price: Dhs194,250 


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