Emirati businessman buys number plate for Dh10 million

Emirati businessman buys number plate for Dh10 million

Abu Dhabi - The auction was held at Emirates Palace Hotel in the Capital


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sat 18 Nov 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 19 Nov 2017, 2:53 PM

An Emirati businessman,  Ahmed Al Marzuoqi, 23; has won the bid to own the exclusive Abu Dhabi number 2 plate for a whopping Dh10 million.
"I am very excited and proud to get number 2," he told reporters after the auction of distinguished number plates on Saturday evening at Emirates Palace.
He said he bought the number plate because of it's significance to the nation.
"Number 2 is a historical and very important number. It's the number that signifies the UAE union which is on December 2," said Al Marzuoqi.
"I'm proud of my country and I want that money to go to charity. This is a year of giving and the Police will use the money from the sale of number plates to support the poor and needy people."
The Emirati beat several bidders for the coveted plate after starting at Dh5 million.
The auction was held by the Abu Dhabi Police and Emirates Auction.
Sixty new distinguished vehicle number plates (Category 1), were up for grabs on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Abu Dhabi Police.
The bidding started with number plate 1957, a significant number and the year in which Abu Dhabi Police was established and was grabbed at Dh53,000.
"This is a sweet number, many people like it," said the auctioneer during the bid.
The number (2) was among the most distinguished numbers in this auction as the only one-digit license plate in the auction alongside being the first-ever one-digit Category 1 number plate sold in a public auction.
Another exclusive number plate sold during the auction was number 11, which was sold for Dh6.4 million.
12-year-old Khalifa Mohammed Al Mazroui, a Grade 5 student at Zayed Academy was the youngest person to own a special number plate at the event.
His father, Mohammed Al Mazroui who fancies special number plates bought him the 1111 number plate.
"I am so happy to own a number plate. I asked my father to buy for me this number plate when we reached this place," said Khalifa.
He said he will put the number plate on his Mercedes car which his father bought him. The family driver is driving the car to take him to school.
"I love special things and fancy number plates and that's why I have bought this special number plate," an Emirati man who bought the number 60 for Dh3 million told Khaleej Times.
"There are so many reasons why number plates are important to us. One reason is they are the number plates from the UAE's Capital. This is the 60th anniversary of the Abu Dhabi Police. We are proud of our force and it's also one of the reasons I have bought this number plate so I can support the police."
The auction also included five double-digit plates, 15 three-digit plates, 19 four-digit and 17 five-digit plates.
The most prominent numbers in the auction were 10 that was sold at Dh5.4 million, 22 sold at Dh4 million, 17 at Dh3.3 million, 60 at Dh3 million, 200 at Dh1.2 million, 333 at Dh1.6 million, 220 at Dh760,000, 161 at Dh900,000, 999, 1000 at Dh360,000 and 1111 at sold at Dh1.5 million.
And 999 was sold at Dh1.4 million, 9999 was given out at Dh750,000, 5050 at Dh300,000, 2233 at 180,000, 166 at Dh690,000, 660 at Dh670,000, 9090 at Dh200,000, 55555 at Dh850,000, 66666 at Dh700,000 among other distinctive numbers that attracted collectors of unique number plates.
More than Dh55 million was collected from the auctioning of the special number plates.
The auction was organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Abu Dhabi Police, in order to celebrate its journey of developmental achievements and its excellence in security performance and police work in accordance with the highest modern standards, which reflects the vision of the wise leadership and demonstrates the diligence of Abu Dhabi Police in ensuring the satisfaction for enthusiasts of distinctive number plates. This comes within the framework of the strategic partnership between the two sides and in accordance with the highest standards in the organization of public auctions worldwide.
Last year, the exclusive number 1 vanity number plate was taken for a whopping Dh31 million.
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