Car review: We test the sporty Renault Megane GT in the UAE

A review test drive in the Renault Megane GT in Dubai UAE
Parked up in Dubai

Four doors, beautiful lines, a race-car like interior, this Megane possesses everything a GT model should deliver.

By David Light

Published: Sat 24 Aug 2019, 12:11 PM

Last updated: Mon 2 Sep 2019, 12:37 PM

WHEN IT COMES to judging books by covers, we do everything you're not supposed to. The shinier the jacket, the more likely we are to read it (although the modern equivalent, rather than paperbacks, is probably evaluating a Netflix series based on its thumbnail picture). We know we're not alone. We can't help it. If something looks appealing, by the very definition of the word, we are going to be drawn to it no matter its actual benefit. Take cars for instance. Do you think the notoriously unreliable Jenson Interceptor would have sold quite so well if it had looked like a British Leyland Princess and didn't have the coolest name ever attached to a vehicle? Now, we're not lumping the new Renault Megane GT in the "all mouth and no trousers" section of reviews, but the fact it looks like a fine hot hatch doesn't do it any harm. That's the hook. Here's what else you will find.
Let's get how it looks out of the way
We have to begin here, because you have eyes and can see for yourself this is a beautiful looking hatchback. Four doors, beautiful lines, a race-car like interior complete with Alcantara upholstery in blue and black alongside low suspension hunkering it to the ground, this Megane possesses everything a GT model should deliver. We loved the C-shaped lighting and 18-inch rims and felt the double chrome effect exhaust set the car off well. Inside the cabin was light, airy and roomy, yet maintained enough motor sport 'edge' to elicit a stupid screeching sound effect from us when cornering. Yep, sadly that's true. Using the gear shift panel behind the steering wheel to drop down, the engine would rev and we'd squeal away as if going round La Rascasse. Come on, for us that's fun!
So it's a real hot hatch?
While it looks the part and its turn of speed is sufficient, we wouldn't call it the hottest of hot hatches. It's a warm hatch if you will. Let us demonstrate. The Megane GT's more track-suited sibling, the Renault Megane RS, produces 276hp. The VW Golf R churns out 306hp. The Megane GT will give you 205hp. It's not a million miles off, but don't expect the same rocket effect as those in the senior class. The 1.6-litre turbo engine matched to a seven-speed gearbox is compact and adequate allowing a 0-100km/h time of 7.1 seconds. It makes little noise (like many other models, motor sounds are actually replicated through the speakers) and it facilitates a decent and enjoyable drive. On the whole it is satisfactory. Thumbs up.  
How is that fun you mentioned produced then?
Earlier we revealed the glee and subsequent childish behaviour we demonstrated when going round a bend. It is a direct result of the Renault R&D team-engineered four-wheel steering system and harder race suspension. Turn the car to the right and the front wheels will follow suit while the back pair will edge the opposite way, enabling you to dart in and hug the tight corners right round to their conclusion better than most. Yippee.  
Who should get one?
We can picture a family who still wants a laugh or someone who desires a less expensive introduction to sporty hatches enjoying this Megane. We definitely had a GT: good time.
Engine: 1.6-litre turbo
Power: 205hp
0-100km/: 7.1secs
Top speed: 233km/h
Price: From Dhs84,000 

A review test drive in the Renault Megane GT in Dubai UAE
Cornering is brilliant
A review test drive in the Renault Megane GT in Dubai UAE
Feeling sporty inside
A review test drive in the Renault Megane GT in Dubai UAE
In the tunnels

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