Dear Therapist: 'I know I need therapy but I can't afford it'

By Annette Schonder

Published: Thu 29 Apr 2021, 10:06 PM

I have been facing ups and downs in my life since the last three years. Sometimes, I feel better and then go back to feeling low. It comes and goes in phases. I know I need therapy but it isn’t possible for me at the moment, as I can’t afford it. Any suggestions on what I can do? — Name Withheld

Dear Writer, I am very sorry to hear that you have been having mental health issues for the past three years. It is very important to identify the underlying causes of your ups and downs and get the help you need. I understand your financial problem; however, only a mental healthcare professional will be able to assess your situation and suggest a treatment plan which could include a number of options like talk therapy, medication, or both.

Two of our government hospitals offer healthcare services that are more affordable than private clinics. I suggest you call Rashid Hospital and Al Amal Hospital to find out how much their psychiatric consultation costs. Also, you can ask them if they accept healthcare insurance or if there is a way to pay in small installments.

I would also suggest you ask trusted family members, friends, or your employer for financial support. Please confide in trusted friends and loved ones about your mental health concerns. It can be very therapeutic. However, after struggling for three years, a visit to a mental healthcare professional should be your highest priority.

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