Unvaccinated people in Indian state may now be able to travel by train

The High Court had earlier ruled that only the vaccinated would be allowed to use the service


A Staff Reporter

Published: Wed 23 Feb 2022, 6:37 PM

On Friday, the Maharashtra government will decide whether unvaccinated people can travel by local trains in Mumbai. The government also withdrew orders issued last year by a former Chief Secretary, which allowed only fully vaccinated people from travelling in the trains.

The Mumbai High Court had ruled against allowing only vaccinated persons to travel in local trains. The ruling said that the move was illegal and a brazen violation of the citizens’ fundamental rights.

Maharashtra government said it was willing to withdraw the circulars issued last year by a former Chief Secretary preventing the unvaccinated from travelling by trains.

The Court added that the then Chief Secretary had violated citizens’ fundamental rights and had not followed due procedure.

As Chairperson of the State Executive Committee, the bureaucrat had taken the decision himself and not consulted other members while taking the decision, thereby violating State Disaster Management rules.


The current Chief Secretary of Maharashtra assured the Court that the previous orders had been withdrawn. However, certain restrictions would continue. He then informed the Court that this decision had been taken after consulting the State Executive Committee.

The High Court said that the state government should consider all aspects “including the particular circumstance that fundamental rights of a section of citizens were abrogated” because of such illegal orders.

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