UAE: Al Mamzar Corniche road closed due to sewage network maintenance work

Road closure causes traffic congestion in Sharjah.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 10 Nov 2021, 9:48 AM

The temporary closure of Al Mamzar Corniche street by Sharjah Police has caused massive traffic jams on various key roads in the city.

The police on Tuesday announced the closure of the road and diverted traffic to Al Khan street to ensure the smooth movement of traffic on streets in Al Tawoon and Al Khan areas.

An official at the Sharjah Traffic Department said that the congestion was due to the road closure on the same day, as many motorists who took that route on a daily basis were unaware about the police advisory posted on social media before the closure.

He added that the decision to temporarily close Al Mamzar Corniche street was made in coordination with the Sharjah Road and Transport Authority. The two authorities are carrying out maintenance work on streets and sewage networks to ensure everyone's safety during the rain season.

He explained that concerned authorities were carrying out emergency maintenance of the sewage network due to stagnant water on the road, which resulted in a taffic jam in Al Khan and Al Taawun, as well as areas around Al Wahda street.

As soon as the municipality completes maintenance work, authorities will inform the public about the reopening of the roads.

Police have intensified patrols in areas that witness congestion to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the city.

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