Photos: PIA purser wins hearts online for soothing crying baby on Pakistan flight

Dubai - Official offered to help the mother, who was stressed and exhausted.

By Web Report

Published: Sat 13 Mar 2021, 4:02 PM

Twitter lauds PIA official who soothed crying baby on flight

People were pleasantly surprised by the gesture, noting that the airline was usually known for its poor service.

Twitter praised a senior flight attendant on a Pakistan International Airlines flight who helped a mother soothe her crying baby during a flight.

Tauheed, the cabin crew manager on board, had carried the baby in his arms and walked up and down the aisle to help the baby fall asleep.

The incident came to light after Pakistani film and television artist tweeted photos of the incident.

Twitter users were quick to welcome the flight attendant’s kind gesture but pointed out that the incident was an outlier given that they believed PIA generally had poor service.

“This credit of this incident goes to the gentleman as a person and as a human. Otherwise, the overall culture of PIA is not very welcoming!!! I wish this incident becomes a practice and not an exception,” commented one user.

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