Pakistan: Punjab declares 'emergency' after rise in rape cases

'A system on abuse will be implemented in two weeks,' said Punjab Home Minister Atta Tarar


Published: Wed 22 Jun 2022, 7:34 AM

Pakistan's Punjab province has decided to declare an "emergency" amid a rapid increase of reported cases of sexual abuse against women and children.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Punjab Home Minister Atta Tarar said that an increase in such incidents was a serious issue for society and government officials.

"Four to five cases of rape are being reported daily in Punjab due to which the government is considering special measures to deal with cases of sexual harassment, abuse and coercion," he was quoted as saying by Geo News.

"To deal with rape cases, the administration has declared an emergency," he stated.

The minister said that civil society, women's rights organisations, teachers, and attorneys would be consulted in the matter. Besides this, he urged parents to teach their children about the importance of safety.


Tarar stated that the accused in a number of cases had been detained, the government had launched an anti-rape campaign, and students would be warned about harassment in schools.

The home minister stated that now is the time for parents to learn how to protect their children. He stated that the government would raise the number of DNA samples on a fast-track basis.

"A system on abuse will be implemented in two weeks, reducing the incidents," he added.

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