Pakistan: PM Imran Khan vows to fight back; to address nation on Friday

Country’s Supreme Court rules PM Khan acted unconstitutionally

By Agencies

Published: Thu 7 Apr 2022, 10:44 PM

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday he will continue to fight as he faces a vote to oust him, and will address the nation on Friday.

The court earlier on Thursday overturned a move by Khan to block a parliamentary vote seeking to oust him. He will now have to face the vote on Saturday.

“I have always & will continue to fight for Pak till the last ball,” he said on Twitter after losing the court case, adding he had called a meeting of his cabinet on Friday.

The country’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Khan’s move to dissolve parliament was unconstitutional and called for lawmakers to return, a decision that could spell the end of his premiership soon.

Khan had moved to break up the lower chamber ahead of a no-confidence vote against him that he had looked destined to lose. The court said in its judgment that the vote should now go ahead.

Meanwhile, Pakistani opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif has said that his allies have nominated him as the next prime minister if they are able to vote out Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday.

Sharif was addressing a joint press conference along with other opposition leaders who won a court case earlier on Thursday that overturned a move by Khan to dodge the ouster vote and dissolve the lower house of parliament.

The opposition allies have a majority in the assembly after Khan allies defected away from his government.

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