Watch: TV anchor swallows fly during live news broadcast on Pakistan floods

Reporter shares video clip of incident on social media


Published: Sat 3 Sep 2022, 4:59 PM

Last updated: Sat 3 Sep 2022, 5:29 PM

A Canadian reporter recently ensured that the show must go on even after she swallowed a fly during a live news broadcast while delivering a segment on Pakistan floods, proving that one's professionalism is defined by how one carries oneself.

Sharing a clip on its official Twitter handle, the news channel of Global News, identified as Farah Nasser informed the incident, stating that "we all need a laugh these days".

"Sharing because we all need a laugh these days. Turns out it's not just @fordnation, I swallowed a fly on air today. (Very much a first-world problem given the story I'm introducing)," she wrote.

While speaking about torrential rains and flood situations in Pakistan, a bug flies into her mouth.

As per the video, she was in the middle of a sentence, she instantly swallowed the fly and continued with the report. The whole incident took place so fast that it was hard to notice.

Pakistan continues to be affected by massive monsoon rainfall and unprecedented levels of flooding, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of significant public health threats facing affected populations, including the risk of further spread of water and vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

Social media users discovered this moment hilarious, while a few netizens also praised the journalist for handling the situation professionally.

"Farah, you are a great anchor and it showed. What composure! I do not want to think of what would have happened had that been me instead. Ugh!" a user wrote.

Another person commented, "Yah but if you didn't mention it no one would know cause I can't even see the fly in the video. Ford on the other hand we got close-ups it actually going into his mouth." Take a look.

The video clip which was being shared online, the video accumulated over 106K views and 1897 likes.

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