India: Wanted 'journalist' finally caught by cops for nightly thefts

Jaipur - Wanted in more than a dozen cases, the 21-year-old was also listed among the top-10 criminals by the police.

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Published: Tue 29 Jun 2021, 1:30 PM

He posed as a TV journalist during day, but at night his true colours would shine. Shayar Meena, according to Jaipur police, is just 21 but has mastered the art of breaking into locked shops and walking away with expensive stuff.

On Sunday, the police finally managed to arrest the ‘journalist,’ who was armed with the requisite gear for a TV reporter and also had a press card. Driving in a luxury car, with ‘Press’ stickers pasted all over, he would pose as a journalist.

Shayar also lived in an affluent Jaipur neighbourhood. Chaina Ram Bera, a police officer, told the media that Shayar was on the run, though one of his associates has been arrested. The duo had recently cut through the shutter of an electronic shop, stole the electronic products and sold them in the markets.

According to the police, Shayar would use the tag of being a journalist to cover up his crimes. And surprisingly, he has managed to hoodwink the officials for several years now.

Wanted in more than a dozen cases, Shayar was also listed among the top-10 criminals by the police in Jaipur. He has been on the run for the past few months after allegedly breaking into an electronic shop and escaping with expensive gadgets including an LED TV.

Photo: PTI
Photo: PTI

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