India passengers could be de-boarded for flouting Covid rules

Dubai - Masks must be worn at all times; and they must not slip below the nose, passengers warned.

Reuters file photo used for illustrative purpose.
Reuters file photo used for illustrative purpose.

By Web Report

Published: Sat 13 Mar 2021, 3:14 PM

India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation has asked all airlines to de-board passengers who don’t adhere to safety measures.

In addition, passengers who don’t follow safety measures such as wearing masks properly will be treated as “unruly passengers”, it said in a statement on its Twitter account.

“It has been noticed that some travellers undertaking air journey do not adhere to Covid-19 protocols ... It has also been noted that some passengers do not wear masks properly after entering the airport and also do not maintain social distance. Similarly, some passengers ... (don't) ... wear their masks properly while onboard the aircraft,” the authority said.

Masks must not be worn below the nose. They must be worn at all times - from entering the airport for departure to exiting after arrival.

Airports must ensure that passengers wear masks properly at all times.

“In case any passenger is not following Covid-19 protocols, they should be handed over to security agencies after proper warnings,” it added.

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