India: Monkey snatches magistrate's glasses, video goes viral

The incident happened while the senior government official was visiting a temple as part of a probe

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By Web Desk

Published: Mon 22 Aug 2022, 5:40 PM

A cheeky money was caught on camera snatching the glasses of a senior government officer in the city of Mathura in northern India.

District magistrate Navneet Chahal was visiting Mathura’s Banke Bihari Temple to probe a stampede on the festival of Janmashthami on Monday when a troop of monkeys appeared out of nowhere.

One of them leapt on the unsuspecting officer, grabbed his spectacles and bounded away, much to the consternation of police and local officials present there.

Some cops chased the monkey to retrieve the glasses but he was too quick for them.

A video posted on Twitter by a bystander shows officials helplessly pleading with the animal to return the stolen item.

"Mathura monkey snatches glasses from DM Navneet Chahah in Vrindavan, watch video,” wrote the user alongside the video which has since gone viral.

After a lot of persuasion, the monkey relented and returned the glasses.

Monkey menace is rampant in India, where over 1,000 cases of monkey bites are reported across the country daily. But a monkey escaping with an officer’s glasses may just be a first.


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