Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe dies after shooting

He had been airlifted to a prefectural hospital, but was not breathing, say officials

Photos: AFP
Photos: AFP

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Published: Fri 8 Jul 2022, 12:53 PM

Last updated: Fri 8 Jul 2022, 10:50 PM

Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe passed away at the age of 67 on Friday, local media says. He was shot during a campaign speech in Nara, Japan.

Abe had been airlifted to a prefectural hospital, but he was not breathing and was in cardio and pulmonary arrest, officials said.

NHK, a public broadcaster, said police arrested a male suspect at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. The man has been identified as Tetsuya Yamagami, a 41-year-old resident of Nara City.

Abe, 67, stepped down as prime minister in 2020 because he said a chronic health problem had resurfaced.

He told reporters at the time that it was “gut wrenching” to leave many of his goals unfinished.

Supporters of Abe said that his legacy was a stronger US-Japan relationship that was meant to bolster Japan’s defence capability. But Abe made enemies too by forcing his defence goals and other contentious issues through parliament, despite strong public opposition.

His political rhetoric often focused on making Japan a “normal” and “beautiful” nation with a stronger military and bigger role in international affairs.


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