Workshop on cyber crimes
discusses new-age threats

ABU DHABI — The UAE is stepping up efforts to counter cyber security threats amid growing international efforts to keep its network safe from hackers.


Muaz Shabandri

Published: Sat 6 Nov 2010, 12:27 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 3:53 PM

Promoting discussions on cyber crimes, evidence collection and analysis, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), represented by the National Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT), recently organised a workshop on cyber crime.

The workshop held in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department highlighted forms of electronic crimes related to computers, internet and mobile phones. It also featured the characteristics of hackers andthe traditional patterns of cyber crimes.

“The TRA is keen to create a safe cyber environment in the UAE; therefore, we pay attention to study, monitor and respond to electronic crimes that have become a feature of the information age,” said Mohammed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director-General.

Generally, countries are able to deal with criminals and outlaws at the national level while the cyber crime crosses the physical territorial boundaries of countries. “Internet has the ability to change people’s lives and the productivity driven by internet presents itself as a critical issue when it comes to dealing with cyber threats,” said Elex Thurber, senior vice-president of worldwide channel operations for McAfee. “Hackers and security exploits have gained a degree of complexity and technological expertise that makes it difficult to track them down. It is no longer an organised crime but a large nexus of hundreds of people working together to create security threats,” adds Elex.

Information and experiences were shared during the workshop to discuss various developments that have taken place in the field of digital forensic, which has become an important factor in the area of network security and information security, law enforcement as well as its various applications in law, recovery from crises and disasters, fraud, internal security and information wars.

The perpetrators of cyber crimes may violate the laws of a country while being in other countries without fear of getting caught. —

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