Women employees eligible for their children’s
allowance only if husband is dead

ABU DHABI — A woman employee is eligible for children’s allowance only if her husband is dead or is unable to work, according to a new fatwa (religious edict) issued by the Department of Fatwa and Legislation at the Ministry of Justice.

By Adel Arafa

Published: Wed 25 Aug 2010, 12:49 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 9:19 AM

The Department had received a letter from a government entity asking about the eligibility of a woman employee working with it to get the children’s allowance after her husband was sent to retirement as per his request. The bank he was working with didn’t have thechildren’s allowance system.

The government department said the employee had applied fordisbursing the allowance retroactively since she was appointed.

The government entity had sought legal assistance from theMinistry of Justice which said that Article Four of the Cabinet Resolution number6 regarding social allowances for children of employeesread: “The woman employee whosehusbandis dead or whosupports her children from a disabled husband is entitled to the allowance even if she is divorced. The disability of the husband should be proved by a medical report.”

Accordingly, the Fatwa and Legislations Department said the employee didn’t deserve the allowance as her husband is neither dead nor disabled. Optional retirement of the husband doesn’t give her the right to enjoy this privilege even if the husband didn’t obtain it from his employer.


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