Woman on Trial for Breach of Trust and Embezzlement

DUBAI - A saleswoman stood trial on Monday in the Court of First Instance on charges of forgery, embezzlement and breach of trust.

By (Mary Nammour)

Published: Tue 15 Dec 2009, 11:51 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:28 AM

A 42-year-old Dutch woman trader, who accused her of embezzling more than Dh100,000 from the shop, told the police that the Filipino saleswoman’s discrepancy was discovered in October last year when electric supply to the shop was disconnected.

“I got suspicious because I had already given her Dh1,000 to pay the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority bill,” the complainant said.

She checked the drawer where they used to keep the bills and receipts. “I was shocked to see that she forged the receipt of the petrol station by changing the month from 11 to 10. She wanted me to think that she settled the electricity bill for the month,” the Dutch woman said.

She alleged that the saleswoman paid the November bill and kept the Dh1,000 for October bill for herself. The Filipina was reported to the police and Public Prosecution.

The trader told the prosecutors that when she confronted her saleswoman, she admitted to embezzling more than Dh100,000.

According to the Public Prosecution arraignment sheet, the saleswoman used others’ ATM card of Dubai Commercial Bank on the payment machines in the shop.

She allegedly did that to cover the fact that she was embezzling the cash money the customers were paying upon each purchase. She did not know that the card was invalid.

In the statement, the complainant claimed that the defendant was empowered with collecting money from customers and then putting it in the cash box.

She was also assigned with paying the DEWA bills and was accordingly given money for that.

“She used to collect cash money from the customers and keep it for herself. She would use the debit card on the payment machines to cover her embezzlement of the money,” the trader alleged.

The defendant would put the payment receipt ‘signed’ in the cash box, the trader said.

The Public Prosecution had a written acknowledgement by the defendant to the charges attached to the case file.


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