Woman gets free coffee on Dubai flight because of eye shades

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Woman gets free coffee on Dubai flight because of eye shades

Dubai - She also got chocolates on the side!

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Published: Thu 22 Feb 2018, 12:53 PM

Last updated: Thu 22 Feb 2018, 8:41 PM

Almost everybody knows that if you fly on a budget airline, you have to purchase your meals and drinks on the flight itself. Some budget carriers offer you the option to order for a meal in advance. But if you're lucky enough to be like this Egyptian woman, you only need to wear something nice so you can get drinks for free.
Shaimaa Raafat shared her unique experience with flydubai on her Facebook page and her story caught the attention of the Dubai carrier as well. The woman narrates: "For business reasons, I was flying with them on an early morning flight to a destination where they are the ones offering direct flights. After boarding the plane, I had my gear on; eye mask, small shawl for warmth and a neck pillow so I can rest. Halfway through the flight a lovely flight attendant woke me up saying 'Here is your coffee.'

The woman was surprised because she did not order coffee yet here an attendant was offering her one. When she asked about it, the attendant slightly responded: 'But it says so on your eye mask.' Shaimaa then understood because her eye mask had the words 'Wake me up for coffee' written on it. 
But the surprise wasn't over because the attendant also gave a couple of chocolate bars claiming that coffee goes well with chocolate.
On their Facebook page, flydubai shone the spotlight on 'one of our awesome cabin crew members' who surprised the traveller and 'made her day.'
Ending her short story, Shaimaa said that it was 'a very simple act yet very touching.'

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