Winding queues at typing centres to reclaim papers

DUBAI — Hundreds of people continued to queue up around typing centres across the city, this time to recover the ID card application, money and passport following the Emirates Identity Authority’s (EIDA) announcement, on Saturday, of the extension of the date of deadline for the ID card registration.

By Praseeda Nair

Published: Tue 28 Dec 2010, 1:14 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:58 PM

Queues were also seen at ID card centres as people who didn’t know about the extension and those registered earlier showed up to complete the registration process.

“The crowd has definitely gone down from last week, since there is less desperation and panic,” Abdul Wahab, an employee at Start Typing Centre in Hor Al Anz, said.

“Now people are queuing up to get back their documents. They don’t want to register until they are left with no other choice. Most of them are labourers, and they may be doing it to avoid paying extra processing fees,” he added.

“We’re used to people trying to cheat us by pretending that they will help us with complicated applications,” said 25-year-old Farook Sultan, an employee at a construction company. “I don’t trust anyone so I think it is better to get back everything we submitted, especially money.”

Ahmad Jabbar, who runs a business, shared similar sentiments. “I have been in Dubai for 35 years and I have seen many rules come and go,” he said speaking from Al Motamayez Typing Centre, where he had come to collect his documents. I want my documents with me all times. If I’m told that tomorrow is the last day, I will register tomorrow morning — neither earlier, nor later,” he said.

The patience of many typing centre employees has been wearing thin as some people have reportedly been rude while demanding their documents back.

“It’s still too crowded, since there are many who are registering for their ID cards,” said KR, an employee at Al Wasela Typing Centre, Dubai. “A customer shouted at me this morning, calling me a cheat and cursing me in front of a big crowd just because I was attending to another customer who wanted to register. It is ridiculous!” he said.

No specific deadline for ID card registration has been announced for expatriates as of yet, making many typing centre employees nervous about the eventual crowd that may turn up at a later date. “We might have to open up more windows to cater to the rush,” KR added. —

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